Monday, October 19, 2009

Why I Chose eCurrency Arbitrage

eCurrency Arbitrage is only 1 of a thousand different online businesses so it's no surprise that I get this question all the time:

"How did you know ecurrency arbitrage worked"?

"What other programs did you try before ecurrency arbitrage"?

"I was scammed before, is ecurrency arbitrage a scam too"?

"Why did you choose ecurrency arbitrage"?

... etc, etc, etc.

These are all legitimate questions and I can tell by the volume of them that this has got to be one of the hottest topics out there.

It's actually a little like getting married it seems, "How do I know he's the one", "how do I know it'll last and he'll be there for me after we're married" ...sounds just like my girlfriends - LOL.

So let me start out and tell you honestly that when I plunked down my cash for the ecurrency arbitrage tutorial course, I had no idea if it really worked or not. I had no idea if Paul Jenkins really showed up for the Wednesday training calls himself of if he sent a 1st level minion in his place.

In fact, I would say that I was completely naive in my whole selection process but that could be exactly what saved me from getting scammed.

You have to understand that I'm no internet "guru". But what I did do was explore the whole thing from what I consider a "common sense" point of view.

I knew that since I was just starting out that I would need a lot of support.

I knew I would need something that was easy to follow and laid out in a format that a "non-techie" could follow. I mean, I'm not a moron. I know how to use a computer; I just don't know how to build a computer.

So the first thing I did was eliminate everything that did not have a LIVE PERSON that I could call and speak with before I signed on the dotted line.

Then I looked for a system that would be easy to follow. I know there's plenty of really good e-book courses out there, that are actually cheaper, but I also knew that it would be a heck of a lot easier to follow step-by-step videos.

I wasn't looking for the "cheapest", I was looking for the "best investment"!

But the thing that pushed me over the edge, the 1 thing that convinced me that ecurrency arbitrage was going to be a real online business was this.

When I was on the phone speaking to one of their sales people, I asked a question they did not know the answer to and they put me on hold. About 45 seconds later, Paul Jenkins joined the call and answered my question and then continued to speak with me for another 8 or 9 minutes until I was done asking questions.

Then I knew I was done looking!

I hung up the phone and ordered the program that day and the rest as they say is history.

Since then, I've discovered that there are quite a number of really great programs and quite a number of true scams. eCurrency Arbitrage is a good reliable program that I'm confident will still be working many years from now since the concepts have been working for many years to date.

Is it right for you? I really don't know ...start calling around and see how they all compare ... then you decide what's right for you.

Remember, if you can't reach anyone before you join, how will you reach anyone after they have your money?



P.S. By the way, Paul Jenkins does do the live training calls himself. He stays on the line until every single person has their questions answered, even if it goes over the 2 hour time allotment.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Smells Like Fall ...Smells Like Money

The days are still hot, but the nights and mornings are changing.

That familiar smell of Fall is definitely in the air if you get up early enough to enjoy it. I'm one of those "weird" people that naturally wake up early.

Sitting on my deck with a good cup of Hazelnut coffee with real cream and watching the sun go from being just a slit to a full fire ball is something I can't get enough of.

During my college days, if I wasn't the one going out at night, it wasn't uncommon for me to be waking up and watching the hard core stragglers as they finally made it home (usually walking a little crooked LOL).

If the changing season had nothing to do with ecurrency arbitrage, I would post this on Twitter as just another useless musing (if I actually ever used my Twitter account that is), but there really is a point here. I'm not going to tell you about the ecurrency arbitrage videos, or answer the perpetual question, "is ecurrency arbitrage a scam"?

No, the point here is the same that I made at the start of summer.

If you recall, at the start of summer, I was very frustrated because my business flat-lined. Even though I had progressed and worked more set ups, I was still doing nothing but treading water instead of watching my ecurrency arbitrage business revenue increase.

But ahh... the sweet smell of Fall is double sweet now that I have an internet business. Because the same seasonal factors that caused me to flat-line are now working in reverse.

My ecurrency arbitrage business revenue is now turning up even though I've done little since July to give it a boost. The same seasonal affect is now working in my favor instead of against me.

mmmm more reason to love Fall.



Friday, September 4, 2009

Mom Quit - Hooked on Bingo

I have to admit I thought it was inevitable. It's not like she ever needed the money and frankly, running a business, any business, can be a little boring at times.

I mean, ecurrency arbitrage isn't like becoming a race car driver, fashion model, or winning American Idol... it's a business. And like any real business, it takes some time and it takes some effort.

I was pretty shocked when Mom started doing the business anyhow. I really think she did it just to give me the old "I told you so ...ecurrency arbitrage scam ...ha, Mom's right".

But it never turned out that way. She started making money instead and I think she was thrilled to be able to do it but almost disappointed because she couldn't tell me to go get a new job - LOL.

So Mom's back to Bingo, much more exciting than a business, you never jump up from your desk and yell "ecurrency arbitrage" ...well, I guess you could since you're at home and nobody would see ... but it still seems like it would be a little weird to me.



Friday, August 28, 2009

eCurrency Arbitrage Business Analogy

Explaining exactly what ecurrency arbitrage is a bit of challenge.

I still get the question; "is ecurrency arbitrage a scam"? That one is pretty obvious. My answer: no, ecurrency arbitrage is not a scam.

It's harder to explain what ecurrency arbitrage is and how it works but I was at the grocery store when it all came to me in a flash of fast food brilliance.

I was chewing on a piece of "free sample" pizza when it struck me. eCurrency Arbitrage is just like the guy handing out free pizza.

Honest ... let me explain.

When the free sample man is handing out free pizza, he's actually getting paid simply for giving things away. So he's happy.

And the customer receiving the free pizza slice is happy because they just got the free pizza.

Even the pizza company is happy because some of those people getting the free pizza are going to love the taste of the pizza and buy a few that day and probably be a pizza customer for a very long time (I didn't like it though ...too dry for me).

And this is the way it is with ecurrency arbitrage.

I mean, you're not standing in a grocery store, and you're not handing out pizza slices but the concepts are still the same.

Now you can easily see that the guy handing out free samples has a much easier time getting people to accept the pizza slice than if he were standing in the same spot trying to sell the pizzas.
Because it's always harder to sell something ...both in the store and on the internet.

With ecurrency arbitrage, you're also not selling anything ... so this burden is gone. The arbitrage companies you deal with are happy to pay you because they eventually are making money from your efforts.

So in all, everyone comes out ahead and everyone is happy when that happens. This is why ecurrency arbitrage is so much easier than trying to hawk products to people and compete with all the others doing the same thing.

There's more to explain of course, this is simply an analogy. Maybe I need to go for ice-cream ...maybe that'll inspire more clarity ...hmmm, seems like it's worth a try.



Sunday, August 23, 2009

I Am Now A "Warrior"

One really neat side affect of writing this blog has been how much I've learned about running a website.

Now I realize that this little blog isn't nearly as tough as running a full blown website, with all the html coding etc., but there's still a lot to be learned.

For example, I turned on the WebMaster Tools (ominous music plays in the background as the MASTER enters the room ...LOL) which shows me how many people come to my blog and most interestingly what they typed into Google to find my blog.

One of the sources of regular visitors to my blog was from a popular internet marketing forum called the Warrior Forum. So after checking it out, I decided to join their forum to see what I could learn.

Now here's the scary part, even though I just started out a few months back, I'm already considered a "veteran" by the forum standards.

There are so many people out there looking for a side business, or full time business, and it's incredible how many are just floundering around and bouncing from one fad to the next. And from what I can tell, very few ever make a penny.

On one hand I feel pretty fortunate to actually have achieved some success but on the other hand I now wonder why all these other folks are struggling so much ... because it makes me wonder if I was just lucky.

Of course, I did spend a couple of hours on the forum already so maybe it's more of a curse than an advantage to know about the Warrior Forum ...maybe that's why so many of them are struggling because they just can't get their head straight and get started on one internet business opportunity.

Just my rambling thoughts for the day...



PS. Of course, now that I'm a web MASTER and a WARRIOR, I've suddenly got this urge to take huge bites of grease dripping, fatty meat, wipe my mouth with the back of my hand and quaff down a stein of rot gut liquor.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Level 3 eCurrency Arbitrage Explanation

As I mentioned awhile back, I've moved up to the Level 3 portion of the ecurrency arbitrage video system.

Explaining how level 3 works is a little tricky so let me use an analogy that I think will help.

Now even though ecurrency arbitrage is NOT stock trading, I think using a stock market anaology will help me explain this level since most people understand the stock market a lot better than ecurrency arbitrage.

So the first thing that you need to understand is that moving from one level to the next level does not mean you're doing arbitrage or not doing arbitrage, it just means that you're doing ecurrency arbitrage in a different way.

It compares to the stock market as follows: imagine that you want to participate in the stock market. Trading stocks is not a "1 option" venture as you can do many things in the stock market.

As a beginner in the stock market, you may choose to simply buy an S&P 500 index fund and not worry about getting any better returns than the overall market in general. But maybe you're more aggressive and you want to pick stocks ...but not pick stocks.

Instead, you might take the effort to select a mutual fund that shares your investment philosophy and even though you're not picking the individual stocks, you're still picking a mutual fund that picks stocks for you. You can carry this out to stock market sectors, or geographic investments, etc.

Moving up the food chain further, you may choose to pick each of your stocks individually and count on nothing other than your personal knowledge of the industries you're trading. Or maybe you crave immediate gratification and want to Day Trade to put money in the bank daily (or lose money daily which is more often the case).

Ah ...but where's the leverage in all this? How about trading stock options, now you're really hanging it all out there, taking the big risks.

Of course, you can do all of these stock trading techniques. You can do them 1 at a time to suit your lifestyle / investment style, or you can do them all at once, or a portion that you mix and match's really 100% up to you to decide how you want to control it all.

But no matter what you choose the end of the day, you're still doing nothing more than trading stocks. It's just a matter of how you choose to trade stocks. You're not stopping your trading to invest in real estate or commodities, you're simply trading stocks but with different methods.

And that's the way the different levels work in Paul Jenkins ecurrency arbitrage system. No matter what level you choose, you're still just doing ecurrency arbitrage but you're doing it in different ways.

One method does not replace the other as you'll do them all, or some, or just one, or some combination as you choose.

In my next posts, I'll start getting into more specifics. There's still a LOT that I don't know and I have to watch a few more of the ecurrency arbitrage videos for this section.



Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Vacation Season Over - Time For Work

Hi All

Last day of my last vacation this year... almost too much of a good thing.

Now I need to work off a few massive dinners, lots of deserts, and maybe a fruity drink or two (hmmm ...maybe a few more than 2 ...but if you can't remember drinking it ...does it really count?).

I also need to get back into the serious business mindset again and crank up Level 3 of my ecurrency arbitrage business. I need to go back and watch some videos again. Even though I watched them before, I need to refresh my brain (I think I might have killed off a few of the brain cells that had the ecurrency arbitrage video info in them ...LOL).

New updates coming soon ...Ciao


Monday, August 3, 2009

I'm Guilty - That's What I Get!

I need to eat some crow today...

I got off track and started preaching a little success and a little "spunky" (Gramma's term) I guess.

Right after I laughed at the "leaky tent" boys, I came home and did the same thing they did ...just a little bit different.

You see, my car was coated with sand from the camping trip, and since it was a beautiful day, I decided to put on my swim suit and get a tan while washing the car. That was the "plan" anyhow.

The reality was me sweating like a marathon runner and scraping bug guts off the front of the car with my fingernails.

Not only was it gross scraping bug guts, it also destroyed my thumb nail, and frankly, it hurts. So you can imagine that after about 45 minutes of this "tanning", I started thinking about the 2 guys in the leaky tent, my last blog post, and the fact that I was now a raving hypocrite!

So my new pledge: No more minimum wage work for me.

  • I'll pay to have my car cleaned

  • I'll pay to have my clothes pressed

  • I'll pay for the reserved seats and show up at the start instead of fighting the gate crashers

  • I'll pay for all the work that I hate to do, don't like to do, or work that simply takes me away from what i should be doing --- running my ecurrency arbitrage business.

From today on... I will do as I do and do as I say!



P.S. Can anyone tell me if there's anything harder than sun baked bug guts? I truly doubt it.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Job Mind ...Business Mind - Which Do You Have?

Hey All

I'm on a 2 week camping trip with my friends, which is a story in itself, but not what I was going to talk about today.

I mean, it is nice to just take off when I want and not ask for "permission", er, ah, I mean "vacation time" from my boss. It seemed like there was always something that needed to be done "urgently" that kept me from leaving when I wanted.

But what got me thinking this morning was the guy in the campsite next to ours.

I don't know the guys name so for the sake of this story I'll simply call him Jake.

Early this morning, Jake went into town to the hardware store to buy a little hand saw and some boards ...about 2" x 2" x 8 feet long. He then spent the next few hours cutting the wood to size and assembling them into make shift poles (think of an X at the bottom and then a pole standing straight up.

Jake then positioned these poles at each corner of his tent and tied a duct tape repaired, plastic tarp to each corner to create a cover over his tent.

Of course, these homemade stands would not hold the tarp once the wind started blowing so he then tied rope to every tree in the area and to ground stakes ...if you can imagine, this made it look a bit like a maze to walk through and his campsite like some disaster relief site (you pick the 3rd world country).

Out of curiosity, I just had t ask Jake why he spent half his day building this tarp / maze / cover contraption and his answer was simple ...his tent leaks.

OK, fair enough, nobody wants to get wet while sleeping.

But the truth is, this "simple answer" is really a LOT more complex. Which is why I decided to write about this and tell you about a transformation that I've been going through since I started doing ecurrency arbitrage.

It really has to do about the psychology of a "worker bee" (having a job) and the psychology of a business owner's mind.

When I had a job, I used to look for things I could do to save money because I knew that I was only going to earn a fixed salary every 2-weeks. And since I had a fixed income, doing things to save money made a lot of sense as my overall net worth is basically income minus expenses.

If I can't affect my income, the only option I have is to reduce expenses i.e. spend less, do more work.

But with my ecurrency arbitrage business, I now have the ability to earn more money as I choose. If I do more ecurrency arbitrage set ups, I make more money. But it does take my time to do this ...there's no free lunch in business.

So now I look at everything a little differently as I can now have an immediate effect on my income and expenses and choose what gives me the best net benefit.

For example, if it takes me 2 hours each week to do laundry, and I could instead use those 2 hours to do ecurrency arbitrage set ups instead. So now I look at what's the real "cost" of me doing laundry?

I don't know exactly what that cost is but I do know it's cheaper for me to send my clothes to the cleaners and let them press my clothes than for me to iron the wrinkles out (plus, I absolutely hate to iron).

And here's where I'm now way ahead of Jake.

I would have just gone into town and bought a new tent instead of going to town for lumber and a saw. I know I could have made more money in that half a day wasted cutting wood than the tent would have cost me, so why should I waste my time building a rope maze?

Besides, I think I would kill myself tripping over all those ropes after a "margarita campfire" ...LOL.

So what's the moral of the story?

Get a business (any business, this is not limited to Paul Jenkins ecurrency arbitrage) and control both sides of your net worth equation. Even if you have a job, you can still work a business part time and do something more profitable than laundry, or cleaning, or yard work.

Make sense?



Thursday, July 9, 2009

Rex, Mack, ecurrency arbitrage and Me - True Story

People always ask me how I've been able to make money online with ecurrency arbitrage.

So here's a true & funny story that pretty much sums up exactly what I've done and the 1 simple thing that you need to do as well.

But to tell this story, I need to introduce you to my best buddies Rex and Mack.

Mack is a the blonde and as the stereo typical 'blonde'... he's very sweet, but a little less than a Rhode Scholar ...if ya know what I mean.

Rex on the other hand was very appropriately named since he 'wrecks' my apartment (chews walls and woodwork), 'wrecks' the yard (digs holes) and 'wrecks' my car (too gross to explain).

The thing about Rex is that he's persistent, which gets him into trouble, but also gets him what he wants.

You see, I don't let the dogs upstairs as they wrestle around at night and wake me up. Mack simply accepts this when I shut the door on them but not Rex.

Rex would sit at the top of the stairs and use his paw to pull down on the door knob lever. But this was filled with peril as he would fall down the stairs after each attempt.

I would hear him flick the door handle, then I would hear 'thump, wump, thump, bump, thump, as he tumbled down the stairs. Without hesitation, Rex would run right back up the stairs and flick the door handle again ...and then fall down the stairs, over and over this would go on.

Up until yesterday that is.

Yesterday I woke up and the dogs were both sleeping on the side of my bed. My first thought was that my roommate let the dogs in but when I asked her if she did this she let me in on Rex's secret.

It turns out that he mastered the door handle and now let's himself into the bathroom to get access to his 'private, flushable water bowl' any time he needs to. And he now works the door to the upstairs ...this is simply amazing to me!

But Rex is only doing the same thing I do to make money with ecurrency arbitrage ...he just keeps at it until he gets it right. Rex didn't give up the 1st time he tumbled down the stairs just as I didn't give up the 1st time I ran into a tough spot.

Rex just kept going at it and so did I ...Rex drinks 'fresh' water when he wants and sleeps where he pleases and I work when I want and where I want.

So what's the real secret to Paul Jenkins ecurrency arbitrage? Just keep at it ...real simple, just keep at it and never quit!



Friday, June 26, 2009

Why "Copy & Paste" the Day Away?

Not to shatter any star struck dreamers out there, but ecurrency arbitrage takes effort. Like I've said before, it's not a lottery ticket, or a magic bullet, it's a business and like any business you need to put in a little elbow grease to make it work.

What business takes no work?

Anything that takes no effort, will likely provide no rewards ...or it's nothing but a flat out scam. Ecurrency arbitrage does take effort and it does pay back based upon what you put into it. No more, no less ...put in an honest days work, get back an honest days pay (only better ...I'll explain).

So the reason I sit and copy and paste is simple. The more I copy and paste, the more money I make.

For example, if I set up a transaction that pays me $2 or $5 a day... that sounds like just a small amount of cash, but if I copy and paste this transaction, then I can make $4 or $10.

Now, if I copy and paste 5 times, I make 5 times the return as if i only had 1 transaction set up. Of course, it's not truly a 1 to 1 ratio but the principle is exactly the same.

So if I spend my day copying and pasting, I can then "spend" that cash doing what I choose.

And right now I choose to go shopping. I'm not sure for what but it's ungodly hot outside and the mall is cooler than my apartment.



Wednesday, June 17, 2009

In "Copy & Paste" Mode

Hi All

I'm in somewhat of a "boring" mode as all I'm doing right now is your basic "copy and paste". In other words, I'm simply doing the same steps over and over right now.

eCurrency Arbitrage can be a little boring at times because at some point you simply need to do the exact same steps over and over. I find it a bit more thrilling when I'm learning something new every day.

But some days you need to just sit and grind it out because the more "copy & paste" set ups you do, the more money you earn with Paul Jenkins arbitrage videos. Boring ...yes, simple and mindless ...yes, necessary ...yes, profitable ...yes.

So the bottom line is this, ecurrency arbitrage can be boring at times. It's not all "wheeling and dealing", sometimes it's just putting on the headphones, cranking up the tunes and just grinding the day away with right click copy - right click paste - right click copy - right click paste ...and on and on and on.

Make sure your iPod is fully stocked and then fire it up.



Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Simple Answer to my e-currency arbitrage problem

Hey Folks

I just wanted to let you know that my problem with "being stuck" now makes perfect sense.

I just got off the Wednesday training call with Paul Jenkins and he explained that the internet is "seasonal"... go figure. I actually never thought about it before but it's so obvious I felt a little goofy asking the question (fortunately there were a few others on the call that all chimed in that they had the same issue too).

But when you think about it, I guess it makes perfect sense. When the weather is really cold in the winter (in Phoenix we think it's "freezing" any time it hits 60), people are inside, bored, on their computers and a lot more transactions are taking place ...people are doing things.

But in the summer, people get out of the house and there's less internet traffic so fewer transactions - including ecurrency arbitrage transactions.

So I discovered that I really haven't "hit the wall" by keeping even during a seasonal slowdown, I've actually "improved".

Kind of hard to look at it that way but Paul said it was obvious. And even better, when the cold weather blows in and people spend more time inside, he thinks my numbers will shoot up on their own for no other reason than there are more transactions taking place. Just as my numbers leveled off when the slow season hit.

Of course, I'll be trying to push my business to improve right now so it really explodes come fall.



Tuesday, June 2, 2009

eCurrency Arbitrage Scam Report?!?

I answered a few questions in my last post but there are a few things I have not addressed before that I'll quickly take care of today. You see, I don't post all the comments for several reasons:
  • Profane Language - I don't use it so I won't allow it on my blog. I cannot edit the comments so even if you make a great point, if you swear in the post, I have to delete it.

  • Off Topic - It seems that some people are looking for any avenue to spread their comments on all types of topics. If you have a great way to make money, then please post but keep the politics and religion, etc. to a different blog.

  • Not Factual or Close To Factual - This is probably the #1 issue.

The last one is the one I get the most posts on and almost always for the same 3 reasons. So let me address the most common items so I can hopefully stop getting these same questions.

  1. Is ecurrency arbitrage a scam? - Why anyone asks me this is beyond me. If you were to simply read the posts that I already have available, you would know exactly what I think. Is eCurrency Arbitrage a scam ....NO. Is ecurrency arbitrage a lottery ticket ...NO, you will need to participate to earn money. eCurrency Arbitrage is not a fad, a lottery ticket, a get rich quick scheme, etc. eCurrency arbitrage works, but you need to 'work it'.

  2. Their Phone Number is Disconnected - This one always amazes me. I think someone posted this somewhere and now everyone believes it ...I don't really know. But instead of posting on my blog, just go try the number yourself! The ecurrency arbitrage phone number is listed right on their sales page - CALL IT yourself and see if it works (it does).

    Frankly, if you're too lazy or not smart enough to dial the number, you should stick to watching Seinfeld reruns and not try running a real business like ecurrency arbitrage or any other business.

  3. There's No Support - Well, let me see. I've used their ticket system and always received my answers in 1 day or less. I've called their private support line (Members only number) and spoken with tech support people & I jump on the Wednesday calls and listen in or speak to Paul Jenkins directly.

    To have this much support without paying a monthly fee is pretty impressive in my book!

So please folks ... stick to the topic and stop burning my time by passing rumors on to me. These facts are all easily checked on your own so take just 5 minutes out of your busy day and check them for yourself. I know this might sound a bit harsh but lets focus on the mission .. making money, having your own business, questions about how things actually work, etc



P.S. If you think I sound a little crabby in this post should have read it before I cleaned it up. I wrote the original after the neighbors dog was outside barking all night ...LOL.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Questions Asked About eCurrency Arbitrage

There might be a way to answer these questions as comments but I really don't know how so I'll copy and paste them into a new post to answer them.

Harold asked:

I really hope u break down this wall and hit your mark. I have been a follower of your blog and wish to dive into this program. 90% is telling me to try it out anyway my question to u is not how much money your making but is worth the risk?

My Answer:

Going to a job each day is also a risk. To most people it's a hidden risk but look what happened to me. I was the victim of bad decisions made by others. They took the risk and I paid the price.

At least the risks I take now are risks I manage and I decide to take. So far the risks have been very small ...actually, no risk at all except for my time. But I am moving up and I am taking some small risks now. As I progress, I'll take some bigger risks but I'll keep them at a level that I'm comfortable with.

Anonymous Asked:

I thank you for your dilligent efforts toward maintaining this blog. I think the burining question on all of our minds is:
  1. How long did you take to break even?
  2. Do you get paid daily?
  3. You said you have achieved 100 odd in profits in a day, how consistant are these day? Once a month? once a week?
I hope you can answer these questions to help the masses understand what the true earning potential of this business is and if it is sustainable.

My Answer:

  1. Break Even - not counting the price of the training, there really is no "break even" as you start out not using any money so any money you make is 100% profit. It's just a matter of how much value you place on your time. But what business can you start and make $100 / hr on day 1? I think I was working for 3 cents an hour at first ...LOL.
  2. You make money daily but you get your check weekly. It's like a paycheck in a way, you do what you want with it. Spend it or invest it.
  3. It's an average for me. But they are pretty consistent. I do notice that the weather now affects things. Good weather gets people outside and away from their computers (lower earnings) while bad weather gets them back in the house and behind the computer (higher earnings)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I Might Have "Hit The Wall"

eCurrency Arbitrage seemed almost too easy to be true. I started making money right away and it only took me a few months to bust through the $100 / day barrier.

So all I need to do is crank it up, add a few more techniques from a few of the Paul Jenkins arbitrage videos and watch it roll right up to $1,000 per day. Simple I thought. But frankly, something is really wrong. It's not working at all and I'm stuck at the $100 mark.

Maybe I was a little arrogant but I'm not feeling too smart right now. My goal was to keep posting about my miraculous climb up the income ladder but right now I can't get to the next rung.

What to do ...what to do ... what to do?

Honestly, I don't know right now. I'll keep plugging away at this to see if I can find the solution.



Sunday, May 17, 2009

eCurrency Arbitrage is not Forex

I'm not sure why people always confuse ecurrency arbitrage with Forex but I get this question all the time. In order to avoid answering this question over and over, let me be very clear and say:

Forex is not ecurrency arbitrage .... Paul Jenkin's ecurrency arbitrage is not Forex.

If you're not familiar with Forex , Forex is basically foreign currency trading. In other words, you take investment positions in different currencies in the hopes that they increase or decrease in value.

Frankly, I think Forex is more like gambling than investing because you only make money when someone else loses money. This makes Forex a 'zero sum game' in which no real value is "created", it's just a matter of moving money from one person to another.

In contrast, Paul Jenkin's ecurrency arbitrage techniques do not require someone to lose money for you to make money. If it did, I wouldn't be telling you about it now would I?

The reality is that you can make money right alongside me and it makes no difference in my ability to keep making money. That's one of the great things about this business ...we are not 'competing' with each other to succeed. Again, if we were, I would not be telling you about this.

OK ...I think I beat this horse to death ...if you're looking for Forex, then skip Paul Jenkins ecurrency arbitrage system as it's not what you're looking for. But if you want a business with a reliable income, then go with ecurrency arbitrage.



P.S. Because so many people lose money with Forex, it gets a bad reputation as a scam. ecurrency arbitrage on the other hand is reliable. I'll tell you that Forex is not a scam but it sure is tough ...and I like 'easy'.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

My 1st $100 Day with ecurrency Arbitrage

I finally hit the eCurrency Arbitrage milestone I was shooting for ...I hit the $100 mark!

Actually it was $101.50 to be exact.

But the funny thing is that the first dollar I earned with eCurrency Arbitrage was actually more exciting than the first $100. I think it was because I actually 'expected' to make it to $100 a day and it almost became a foregone conclusion.

Kind of like peeking at your Christmas presents before Christmas will totally wreck the excitement of opening your gifts. They're still the same gifts as if you hadn't peeked before hanf but already knowing what they are just sucks the excitement right out of that magical morning.

On the other hand, when I first started ecurrency arbitrage, I had to wonder if it was for real. Was ecurrency arbitrage a scam or was it legit. Would I really find value in the ecurrency arbitrage videos or would it all be a load of BS?

So when I earned that first couple of dollars, it was like opening a really cool present on Christmas morning. Getting something I was not really expecting to get yet there it was.

So yes ...I hit my milestone but now but I don't really feel like celebrating ...I feel like setting a new milestone with a much bigger number.



Monday, May 4, 2009

Is Mom Crazy?

First she laughed ... then she cried ...then she was down right p**ssed off. Thought I was wasting my college education and just sitting around like a bum because I was just too lazy to look for a job.

So who would have ever guess that now she's doing eCurrency Arbitrage right along with me?

I have to admit that I never would have believed that my mother would ever get online and start her own business. But when she saw what I was doing, at first it just seemed too simple, and she wrote off the possibility that it actually worked.

But I explained that "simple" was the entire point.

Why look for something hard and complicated when simple and straight forward is so much smarter. I guess she's still part of the "old generation" that was brought up under the "old school" way of thinking that the only way to get ahead was to "work hard and sacrifice".

I tried that .. and look where it got me. I stayed at work when my friends were going out partying. I worked weekends to impress my boss & his boss too, but in the end, we all met the same fate.

Now I'm not saying that I'll never work hard again. I don't mind hard work, I just don't think that working hard alone will ever allow me to reach my goals.

And what's the point of working hard and earning a lot of money if all you're going to do is watch life pass you by?

Anyhow ...back to Mom.

I knew something was up when Mom started asking me a lot of "little detail" questions about eCurrency Arbitrage. When she started watching the eCurrency Arbitrage videos it sure looked like she was getting hooked. And when Mom told me, "this looks easy, I bet I could do this too", I knew I just created a convert to the online business world.

Mom is definitely not the most computer literate person out there. She's still using AOL for email and every time she tells me about a website, she still spells out "w" - "w" - "w" as though I don't know to put that in a web address yet. Kind of how she still tells me that a "1" is needed in front of "800" before I dial the toll free number.

It'll be interesting to see if she can make a few bucks online. I've restricted her to the free techniques but I can tell she wants to move up right away and put it on auto-pilot. Maybe later Mom, but first let's see if you can get past the point where you keep asking me "where did I save that ______ file"?

Ciao ...wish Mom luck!


Sunday, April 26, 2009

Comment Answer: eCurrency Arbitrage Income Level

I received this question in the "comments" 4-25-09:

"Anonymous said...
so how much did you make"


And here's my answer:

I have not added it all up as one total number so I cannot answer this directly. I can tell you that my ecurrency arbitrage income has been steadily increasing.

The more you set up and run, the more you earn. So over time, it incrementally builds up on itself to be a larger daily number.

Keep in mind that this is not a get rich quick scheme or crazy pyramid scam. Paul Jenkins arbitrage is a solid business which means it gets better over time ...but ...only if you stick with it over time.



Thursday, April 23, 2009

My First Internet Marketing Seminar

Since I've been making money with the ecurrency arbitrage system, I'm pretty much addicted to the whole concept of making money at home versus going back to work. I really can't see going back to a 9 to 5 job anytime soon.

So last week I get a promotional email telling me about an internet marketing seminar being put on by a big name internet marketing 'guru'. Now I won't say who it is because I'm not interested in bashing anyone online but I will bash this whole 'seminar' concept.

And keep in mind that this was my first 'seminar' so maybe they're different depending upon who's hosting it.

But I need to tell ya ... I felt like I was sitting through an 8-hour infomercial.

These guys would get on stage and then spend 90-minutes each telling you about their 'rags to riches' history, talk about the success of their 'other' students, and then how much they're going to teach you ... AFTER you sign up for their course.

Huh ...wait a second ... I thought the seminar was supposed to do that!

What's the point of going to a 'training seminar' if all they're going to do is make you pay for another training course? And how do I know that I'll actually get trained in that course ...or will that also be nothing more than a 'taste' of what I'll learn if I sign up for the advanced course?

Now to be fair, there was one speaker there that actually did teach us some cool stuff. even though he was not the headliner 'guru', it was obvious that this guy really knew his stuff. Don Crowther works off of the theory that if he does what his comptetors will not do .. he wins.

Based upon Don's presentation, and comparing it to the other gurus (his competition), it was obvious that he truly lives what he preaches. If it had not been for Don's presentation, the entire day would have been a complete waste.

I've learned more about actually making money online from Level 1 and Level 2 of the Paul Jenkins ecurrency arbitrage course than I learned from all these 'infomercial gurus' and learn I guess.

Will I ever do another seminar? I'm not sure, but I know I'll be very careful when I choose next time.



Friday, April 17, 2009

Paul Jenkins Arbitrage Scam???

"Is Paul Jenkins Arbitrage a Scam" ...the first time I received that email I was a bit surprised and actually a little scared.

I had just started with Paul Jenkins and the ecurrency arbitrage system and that email made my ears perk up (like when my Golden Retriever does his "tough guy" impression every time the UPS driver drops a package on my porch -mostly from Zappos -LOL)

Anyhow, I searched around online looking for dirt on Paul Jenkins or Arbitrage Scams for a few days but then I figured I would do something a little smarter ... I called their office. And much to my surprise, I got through on the 2nd ring and spoke with a real person.

Now I was feeling much better!

The 2nd thing I did was to get on the live training call. It was far too soon for me to ask an intelligent question but I wanted to see if Paul Jenkins would show up or if he would send one of his support guys.

And then I got my 2nd surprise because Paul did show up personally and answered every question thrown at him. Some of these questions were so obvious that even I already knew the answers but Paul did not seem to mind. He even ran over the normal 2 hour time limit because people kept asking questions and he kept going until everyone was done ...very cool I thought.

But here's the thing ... I still get the question - over and over again.

So let me answer this for you, "Is Paul Jenkins Arbitrage a Scam"? Answer: No.



P.S. Like Paul says all the time, "it's not a lottery ticket either's a business".

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Level 2 of e-Currency Arbitrage

Paul Jenkins seems to be a pretty structured guy based upon his program. I've seen some other 'guru hyped' programs and I was always wondered what random thoughts were going through their heads as they randomly assembled their courses.

I think a basic lack of organization is probably one way that y can tell that a internet business is pretty much nothing more 'smoke and mirrors' scam. e-Currency Arbitrage on the other hand is very straight forward and step-by-step as they guide you through the money making process.

Which is why I like the fact that e currency arbitrage is laid out in 4 levels. It allows me to keep track of exactly where I am and what I need to do to keep moving forward to achieve the success I'm looking for.

Now that I've been in program for awhile, I've moved up to Level 2 so I can now give a precise review of e Currency Arbitrage and what Level 2 can do for you.

To quickly recap, Level 1 is based upon 100% free techniques but this does mean that you need to use your time and effort to make money. It works ...but it takes some time.

In contrast, Level 2 takes these same techniques and puts them on Auto-Pilot so you're no longer using your time and effort to make money. Instead, you invest your money to make even more money.

And here is where the organization of Paul Jenkins and his e currency arbitrage system really comes into play. Because Level 2 uses your money, there's obviously some risk that you could screw it up and do something stupid that causes yo to lose your money. But with Level 1 providing the foundation and training, that Level 2 simply builds upon, you move into Level 2 with the knowledge and skills to do things the right way.

This is a big deal to me ...I could not afford to lose money so I was really glad to be able to start with Level 1 and then feel confident that when I did move to Level 2 that I was doing the right thing.

Now you know what Level 2 does, I'll be working my way up to Level 3.



Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Called My "Personal Advisor" Today

Am I ready to move up to a high 5 or 6 figure income?

Right now, I'm just not sure so I decided to call my personal advisor and see what they could do to help me out.

The thing is, they were willing to spend 1 on 1 time with me upfront but to continue on with this higher level personalized training, I would need to make additional investments into my training.

I have to say that I'm tempted but I feel like I just got started and there's already so much in this program that I think I should hold off for a month or two.

I'm obviously a big believer in higher education since I invested a great deal of money in my college education (ok parents really made the investment, I just worked hard for good grades to make it worth their while).

But here's my debate - push full force into a serious business and serious income to hit the 6-figure mark with e-currency arbitrage or take my time and boot strap my way up to a 6-figure income.

Since the program really has everything I need to learn this on my own, I think I'll hit the same income mark either way so the real debate is to do it fast or do it slower. The training videos are so easy to follow, I wonder if having a personal coach could possibly be any more help.

I'll need to think about this for a bit and I'll let you know when I decide.

I realize this was a lot of fluff without a lot on the actual program but I promise to give you more "meat" on the money making systems in e-currency arbitrage in my next post. I'll tell you what I know about Level 2.



Monday, March 30, 2009

4 Levels To e Currency Arbitrage

Now that I proved that I could make some money with e currency arbitrage, I figured I would look ahead a bit and see what the different levels had to offer.

I still do not understand all the levels of ecurrency arbitrage yet but here's a general overview of what I've seen so far.

Level 1 - This is the level that is recommended for everyone to start off with so I followed the directions and did the same. Here's the good thing about Level 1's 100% risk free because everything here is based upon your time and effort and not about making any investments of any kind.

I like this technique for learning because the last thing I needed was a program that forced me to cough up a big chunk of money to get started. With Level 1, I never pull 1 penny out of my pocket so I never have to worry about risking any money.

The other thing that is good about this technique is that it not only lets you make some money without any risk, it also teaches you a LOT of things that you will use when you move up to Level 2, 3 & 4.

Since all the levels build on each other, it's not like I'm wasting my time on things I'll never use again when I move to the more advanced levels.

Anyhow, I'll be telling you more about these different levels in my upcoming posts.

For now ...Ciao


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

WOW ...Was I Ever Stuck!!!

Did you ever stare at your computer screen ...and stare at it ...and stare it it some more ...and still not find that 1 item you need to click?

That's exactly what happened to me last week.

I was "stucker than stuck" and was really starting to feel like a complete idiot. I knew what I wanted to do was probably a common thing that everyone is doing bt I sure couldn't find that link.

And here was a very cool surprise.

I got on the live training call that Paul Jenkins hosts himself! He basically runs a live call for 2 + hours on Wednesday nights and lets every person on the call fire questions off at him.

Some of the questions were really simple (like mine) but a few were really asking some hard core strategic items ...and Paul answered every single question and stayed on the line until the last question was asked.

My question was pretty simple but it was still driving me crazy none the less. Fortunately, Paul Jenkins was able to identify exactly what I was struggling with and told me how to do it over the phone and also identified the exact video I should watch in the e Currency Arbitrage Member's Area.

My take on the whole thing?

Either Paul Jenkins kind of sucks at promoting himself or he's truly trying to help us make some money online.

Here's why I say this; every other business opportunity I ever looked at always bragged about all their "bonuses" they include. But Paul Jenkins doesn't even mention these calls he does for us on the sales page.

Why in the world would he not mention the calls? Seems kind of silly to me, especially from an internet marketer with Paul's level of experience.

Not that I'm complaining, I could still be staring at that computer screen and still be missing that 1 simple link ...I just find it strange that Paul Jenkins offers this amazing benefit but doesn't even mention it on his sales page.

Maybe I need to host a 2 hour Guru training call ...LOL.



Friday, March 13, 2009

Blew Past $10 ...$11.50 Today!

I told you I would let you know when I hit my 1st $10 day .. well, it didn't take long .

In fact, I blew right through my goal of $10 and scored my first $11.50 day. I guess I set my ambitions too low!

Now I know I've been talking about the cash I've made with eCurrency Arbitrage and not "how" I've been doing it and I'll circle back to those details. But let's face it, if eCurrency Arbitrage is a scam, or doesn't really work, then who cares "how" I follow the course.

But right now... it's Friday night and I can smell the Fajitas from here ... and maybe just 1 little margarita would help wash those fajitas down (might just need 2 to be safe LOL).

So I'll tell ya more later but right now I need to go blow $11.50 of my eCurency Arbitrage business earnings.



Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Here's How I Earned $2

I'm not really sure how specific I can get with the exact details of the eCurrency Arbitrage program since it is a private membership ...just like I could not re-print the exact contents of a book. But I'll give you as many details as possible and in the end I think you'll get the picture anyhow.

The first thing you need to know is that the program is broken down into 4 levels. This seems to be a logical approach since a beginner is obviously going to have different needs than a seasoned veteran.

I consider myself a novice at all this since I've never had any type of onlin e business before in my life.

So I started in Level 1 for a couple reasons:

  1. Everything is FREE it's literally impossible to lose a penny since you never pull a penny out of your pocket.

  2. The techniques learned in Level 1 are skills that I will use all the way through Level 4 so it's not like I'm wasting my time and effort.

  3. Level 1 sets me up with all the ground work for moving up to Level 2 where I put things on auto-pilot.

So what's the down side?

Well, it's all time and effort in Level 1. I make money and risk nothing but I do need to basically sell my time ... kind of like a job I guess.

But that's OK, I look at it as 'on the job training' where I get paid to learn - earn to learn and learn to earn.

So what I did was simply follow each step in the first module of Level 1. Watch a step and do a step ...that's all I do. Anyhow, I was as shocked as anyone when it actually worked. When that email popped into my inbox telling me I just landed $2 ...

...well, I covered that already so read my last post.

I'm planning on sticking with Level 1 for a bit and continue to learn the ropes of eCurrency Arbitrage.



Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My First eCurrency Arbitrage Profit = $2

The magic of $2 …who would think that earning $2 could make me feel so good?

I mean, I spent more this morning on a Venti, extra shot, latte than I earned from my website business today. But I’ll tell you this, I had a warmer feeling on the inside staring at the $2 account balance than I got from sipping a $4.63 coffee.

It’s truly a strange thing to me to be so excited over so little (kind of like my last boyfriend but that’s a whole other story). If someone would offer me a job to work for $2, I would literally laugh in their face but there’s something about the first $2 you earn in your own business that’s really hard to describe.

I used to think it was a little goofy for people to tape their first dollar earned up on the wall of their small business but now I see their point. The meaning behind that dollar far outweighs anything that could possibly be bought or given to you.

Maybe that’s why a paycheck never really feels as good. It pays the bills, puts food on the table but leaves the soul empty. It’s no wonder people keep beating their heads against the corporate wall trying to climb the ladder but never really feel like they’ve made it in life.

So let me tell you this …I may have only earned $2, but for the first time in my working career, I finally feel like I’ve made it.

I can’t wait for my first $10 day!



Sunday, March 8, 2009

Like Watching TV

WOW ... I have sore muscles I didn't even know I had in my body! And even with gloves on I managed to 'grow' a few blisters on my hands.

Having too much fun can be a little painful ...LOL.

Yesterday was a serious amount of good fun. Just what I needed to take my mind off things and blow off some stress.

So while I'm too sore to move off this couch, I'll just lay here and watch the videos. It's about as easy as watching TV but without having to watch the stupid commercials.

Paul Jenkins advises that I watch the videos a minimum of 2 times to fully absorb everything. And the check list provided has 2 check boxes so I guess he means it.

This is new to me so I can see the logic behind this. Some things don't always make sense to me the first time I watch the video so it's really nice to be able to watch the same thing over and over until I understand it.

The controls to watch the videos are also pretty straight forward, just like all the others out there like YouTube, etc. What I do is actually pause the video after each item I need to do. I open 2 browser windows and then have the video in one window and use the other window to do the step I'm being shown ...makes it a lot easier for me.

Anyhow, that's the plan for the day ...lay back, veg out and watch some vids ...right after I grab a few more Advil.



Saturday, March 7, 2009

eCurrency Arbitrage Member's Area

I just got invited to go ride ATVs with my friends out in the desert (as you might have guessed... I'm a little bit of a tom boy) so today's post will be on the short side.

I just wanted to let you know that I forgot to mention that included with the other video / written materials I told you about Thursday, there's also a Member's Area included.

Inside the Member's Area is even more teaching materials. I have not really looked at these yet but it's a nice bonus. I always like getting more than I bargained for!

See ya ...time to go spray some sand


Friday, March 6, 2009

eCurrency Arbitrage Video Quality

Today I started watching the eCurrency Arbitrage videos. Reviewing the videos is quite simple although it's still far too early to know if the videos look good and are good ...or simply look good.

Anyhow, here's my honest opinion of what I've seen so far:
  1. Videos are well organized into small modules.

  2. Videos I've watched so far are all very short and cover only 1 or 2 steps so it's easy to follow along.

  3. The basic concept of the ecurrency arbitrage videos is to "watch a step .. then do a step". Seems like a good plan.

  4. Video quality is very high. It's obvious these were well thought out and well produced. (I've seen other videos like these where the person seemed to be "winging it" ...not the case here)

Well that's all for today. Ciao


Thursday, March 5, 2009

eCurrency Arbitrage Package Arrives Today!

My eCurrency Arbitrage package arrived today ...I could hardly wait to open
the the package.

I was actually surprised that it arrived 2 days after I joined the eCurrency
Arbitrage program. Paul Jenkins shipped it via Priority Mail which I really
appreciate since I want to get going as quickly as possible.

I'm very serious about making a full time income and I sure hope this is the
freedom ticket for me. Like I said Tuesday, I'm really counting on this not to be a scam or ripoff. eCurrency Arbitrage reviews have been really good and I did a ton of research in the 2 weeks before I joined.

Of course, the bottom line is whether I can actually make some money with it!

Anyhow, back to my story, the package arrived today via Priority Mail and I
tore into it right away. Here's what was inside:
  1. CDs with all the videos - 4 Levels and 1 CD for each level

  2. Written Book - Printed in full color so it looks very nice compared to
    the eBooks I'm used to seeing.

  3. Quick Start Guide

  4. Detailed Check List - It has all the steps detailed and neatly organized

  5. Member's Area Access - Not sure what's in there yet.

  6. Secret Unannounced Bonus - Not sure what this is either but it's free and it's more than I expected so whatever it is it's more than I expected.
All these items were well organized in a custom binder with a complete table of contents.

So far I'm impressed ...if the actual online money making techniques inside
the eCurrency Arbitrage videos are as good as the materials package, then I think I'll be in good shape.

Like the old saying goes; "you only get one chance at a 1st impression and my 1st impression is a double thumbs up.

Stay tuned for my next post where I start to actually use the program adventure begins!


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

eCurrency Arbitrage - Scam or Real?

Ecurrency Arbitrage ...I've been looking at this program for about 2-weeks but never took any action before. Frankly, I think I could smell the coffee and knew my company was in trouble but really did not want to believe it.

I really loved my job and the people I worked with (well, most of them anyhow).

But all of a sudden the managers were spending far more time all meeting together. Day after day they would all disappear to a conference room or an "off site meeting" but nothing was ever discussed afterwards. The smiles were on their faces but looking back I can see they were wearing a mask.

Not that my manager was a bad guy, I learned a lot from him and he's out of work the same as I am. I don't blame him, it's just the way it is. Let's face it, the economy sucks and there's a lot of people just like me and just like my manager, and his manager, and her manager ....all out of work.

>> Last Friday was my last day of work <<

And the thought of interviewing for a new job is really depressing.

So I came back to the website at ecurrency arbitrage and decided I was going to take my life into my own hands and take the plunge.

Was it tough for me to invest $297 when I'm out of work?

Yes ...I'm a little scared but at the same time I feel good, like a giant weight has been lifted off my shoulders because I feel like I have a sense of direction again. I haven't even received the video course yet but I can't help but think I'm finally doing what I want to be doing instead of what I "should" be doing.

Will ecurrency arbitrage be the answer ...I don't know yet ...but I'm optimistic and ready to start.

Join me on this new adventure. Follow along with me and also let me know what you're doing or thinking about doing. If you've tried ecurrency arbitrage then leave a comment and tell me how it worked for you.