Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Questions Asked About eCurrency Arbitrage

There might be a way to answer these questions as comments but I really don't know how so I'll copy and paste them into a new post to answer them.

Harold asked:

I really hope u break down this wall and hit your mark. I have been a follower of your blog and wish to dive into this program. 90% is telling me to try it out anyway my question to u is not how much money your making but is worth the risk?

My Answer:

Going to a job each day is also a risk. To most people it's a hidden risk but look what happened to me. I was the victim of bad decisions made by others. They took the risk and I paid the price.

At least the risks I take now are risks I manage and I decide to take. So far the risks have been very small ...actually, no risk at all except for my time. But I am moving up and I am taking some small risks now. As I progress, I'll take some bigger risks but I'll keep them at a level that I'm comfortable with.

Anonymous Asked:

I thank you for your dilligent efforts toward maintaining this blog. I think the burining question on all of our minds is:
  1. How long did you take to break even?
  2. Do you get paid daily?
  3. You said you have achieved 100 odd in profits in a day, how consistant are these day? Once a month? once a week?
I hope you can answer these questions to help the masses understand what the true earning potential of this business is and if it is sustainable.

My Answer:

  1. Break Even - not counting the price of the training, there really is no "break even" as you start out not using any money so any money you make is 100% profit. It's just a matter of how much value you place on your time. But what business can you start and make $100 / hr on day 1? I think I was working for 3 cents an hour at first ...LOL.
  2. You make money daily but you get your check weekly. It's like a paycheck in a way, you do what you want with it. Spend it or invest it.
  3. It's an average for me. But they are pretty consistent. I do notice that the weather now affects things. Good weather gets people outside and away from their computers (lower earnings) while bad weather gets them back in the house and behind the computer (higher earnings)

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