Friday, August 14, 2009

Level 3 eCurrency Arbitrage Explanation

As I mentioned awhile back, I've moved up to the Level 3 portion of the ecurrency arbitrage video system.

Explaining how level 3 works is a little tricky so let me use an analogy that I think will help.

Now even though ecurrency arbitrage is NOT stock trading, I think using a stock market anaology will help me explain this level since most people understand the stock market a lot better than ecurrency arbitrage.

So the first thing that you need to understand is that moving from one level to the next level does not mean you're doing arbitrage or not doing arbitrage, it just means that you're doing ecurrency arbitrage in a different way.

It compares to the stock market as follows: imagine that you want to participate in the stock market. Trading stocks is not a "1 option" venture as you can do many things in the stock market.

As a beginner in the stock market, you may choose to simply buy an S&P 500 index fund and not worry about getting any better returns than the overall market in general. But maybe you're more aggressive and you want to pick stocks ...but not pick stocks.

Instead, you might take the effort to select a mutual fund that shares your investment philosophy and even though you're not picking the individual stocks, you're still picking a mutual fund that picks stocks for you. You can carry this out to stock market sectors, or geographic investments, etc.

Moving up the food chain further, you may choose to pick each of your stocks individually and count on nothing other than your personal knowledge of the industries you're trading. Or maybe you crave immediate gratification and want to Day Trade to put money in the bank daily (or lose money daily which is more often the case).

Ah ...but where's the leverage in all this? How about trading stock options, now you're really hanging it all out there, taking the big risks.

Of course, you can do all of these stock trading techniques. You can do them 1 at a time to suit your lifestyle / investment style, or you can do them all at once, or a portion that you mix and match's really 100% up to you to decide how you want to control it all.

But no matter what you choose the end of the day, you're still doing nothing more than trading stocks. It's just a matter of how you choose to trade stocks. You're not stopping your trading to invest in real estate or commodities, you're simply trading stocks but with different methods.

And that's the way the different levels work in Paul Jenkins ecurrency arbitrage system. No matter what level you choose, you're still just doing ecurrency arbitrage but you're doing it in different ways.

One method does not replace the other as you'll do them all, or some, or just one, or some combination as you choose.

In my next posts, I'll start getting into more specifics. There's still a LOT that I don't know and I have to watch a few more of the ecurrency arbitrage videos for this section.




  1. Hi Amy,

    I love reading your blog!
    I decided to try out the product
    and ordered it by dented discount.
    I had an e-mail saying it would be shipped
    August 13, I've waited for almost a week,
    but your package arrived on the second day.
    I'm from Nevada, I thought it would
    take the same waiting time as yours
    since our states were aside each other.
    Do you have any idea as to why this is?
    Thank you!

  2. Hi Julie

    The shipment should have been shipped to you via UPS Express and received within 2-3 business days ...I would call them on the sales line if you don't see it arrive real quickly.


  3. hi Amy, thanks for doing this blog, it's great. in 2 weeks i'm going to start with Perkins business, too. it's pretty exciting. while some ppl really do want to get money without working, i like to see money come in from MY efforts and time and good judgment, you know?
    Anyway, i've read some of your post and certainly many testimonies on his webpages, but i hope you dont mind if i ask a couple nosey questions!
    1- did you take perkins' advice and start with only $250 in ecurrency? if not, you mind telling me how much you did start up with?
    2-based on YOUR experience, if a person (me!) puts in a couple hours a day (at least) and follows the program and gets the advice over the phone and online AND i reinvest half of my profit (assuming i start with $500 ecurrency), how much money am i likely to make? (remember, i wanna reinvest half each week) Maybe if you just used you personal numbers, like how much you started with, how many hours a week are you putting in and roughly (after this many months) are you netting each month, etc. that would be easier.
    basically, i'd like a "real person" testimony with cold, ballpark, figures.
    And trust me, the idea of actually working appeals to me and i'm not going to be discouraged with an income that doesnt make me a millionaire!
    THANKS AGAIN for the blog and info. If you dont want to post response directly, could you please email me? Youre the best and thanks for being so honest and up front!

  4. Hi Shawnesty

    You threw me off a little bit when you mentioned the "Perkin's" program ... then I realized that you really meant "Paul Jenkins". Scams are a dime a dozen so I thought you were trying to use this blog to promote something else instead of adding a real comment about Paul Jenkin's ecurrency arbitrage videos.

    So let me answer your questions directly:

    1. I started my ecurrency arbitrage business with zero dollars because I had been laid off and could not risk losing any money. Starting any online business opportunity can be tough and I difinitely did not want to risk losing what little money I had.

    So I started with, and stuck with, Level 1 which allowed me to earn some money without using a penny of my own money, I had to work it harder since I did not use money to place my business on auto-pilot like you can in Level 2.

    So really, it's 100% up to you but I would advise everyone to start with Level 1 free techniques , put in some "time and effort", before going to the auto-pilot techniques.

    2. This one is really tough for me to answer. I don't want to sound like a scam artist and tell you about the people making 6-figures+ (there are) and I don't want to tell you that it's like working for only $10 / hour (it's not).

    So here is what I will tell you.

    In Level 1, set a simple goal of $10 / day. When you hit that, step it up to $25 / day. When you hit that goal, then expect to move to the auto-pilot techniques and then set your goal to $100 / day.

    By the time you hit $100 / day, you'll really understand e currency arbitrage and can easily decide to "double down" or ride the wave.

    The key is that you're always in control and can decide to step it up or stay conservative's all up to you to decide.