Friday, March 13, 2009

Blew Past $10 ...$11.50 Today!

I told you I would let you know when I hit my 1st $10 day .. well, it didn't take long .

In fact, I blew right through my goal of $10 and scored my first $11.50 day. I guess I set my ambitions too low!

Now I know I've been talking about the cash I've made with eCurrency Arbitrage and not "how" I've been doing it and I'll circle back to those details. But let's face it, if eCurrency Arbitrage is a scam, or doesn't really work, then who cares "how" I follow the course.

But right now... it's Friday night and I can smell the Fajitas from here ... and maybe just 1 little margarita would help wash those fajitas down (might just need 2 to be safe LOL).

So I'll tell ya more later but right now I need to go blow $11.50 of my eCurency Arbitrage business earnings.




  1. Thanks for posting your blog about this. I've really been considering it, but I don't really even have the money to get started so... Anyhow, keep on posting. I'm very curious as to what the level 1 entails.


  2. Hope you have much success. I am seriously considering investing. This blog is a adventure. I am rooting for you. smile