Thursday, April 16, 2009

Level 2 of e-Currency Arbitrage

Paul Jenkins seems to be a pretty structured guy based upon his program. I've seen some other 'guru hyped' programs and I was always wondered what random thoughts were going through their heads as they randomly assembled their courses.

I think a basic lack of organization is probably one way that y can tell that a internet business is pretty much nothing more 'smoke and mirrors' scam. e-Currency Arbitrage on the other hand is very straight forward and step-by-step as they guide you through the money making process.

Which is why I like the fact that e currency arbitrage is laid out in 4 levels. It allows me to keep track of exactly where I am and what I need to do to keep moving forward to achieve the success I'm looking for.

Now that I've been in program for awhile, I've moved up to Level 2 so I can now give a precise review of e Currency Arbitrage and what Level 2 can do for you.

To quickly recap, Level 1 is based upon 100% free techniques but this does mean that you need to use your time and effort to make money. It works ...but it takes some time.

In contrast, Level 2 takes these same techniques and puts them on Auto-Pilot so you're no longer using your time and effort to make money. Instead, you invest your money to make even more money.

And here is where the organization of Paul Jenkins and his e currency arbitrage system really comes into play. Because Level 2 uses your money, there's obviously some risk that you could screw it up and do something stupid that causes yo to lose your money. But with Level 1 providing the foundation and training, that Level 2 simply builds upon, you move into Level 2 with the knowledge and skills to do things the right way.

This is a big deal to me ...I could not afford to lose money so I was really glad to be able to start with Level 1 and then feel confident that when I did move to Level 2 that I was doing the right thing.

Now you know what Level 2 does, I'll be working my way up to Level 3.



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