Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My First eCurrency Arbitrage Profit = $2

The magic of $2 …who would think that earning $2 could make me feel so good?

I mean, I spent more this morning on a Venti, extra shot, latte than I earned from my website business today. But I’ll tell you this, I had a warmer feeling on the inside staring at the $2 account balance than I got from sipping a $4.63 coffee.

It’s truly a strange thing to me to be so excited over so little (kind of like my last boyfriend but that’s a whole other story). If someone would offer me a job to work for $2, I would literally laugh in their face but there’s something about the first $2 you earn in your own business that’s really hard to describe.

I used to think it was a little goofy for people to tape their first dollar earned up on the wall of their small business but now I see their point. The meaning behind that dollar far outweighs anything that could possibly be bought or given to you.

Maybe that’s why a paycheck never really feels as good. It pays the bills, puts food on the table but leaves the soul empty. It’s no wonder people keep beating their heads against the corporate wall trying to climb the ladder but never really feel like they’ve made it in life.

So let me tell you this …I may have only earned $2, but for the first time in my working career, I finally feel like I’ve made it.

I can’t wait for my first $10 day!



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