Friday, September 4, 2009

Mom Quit - Hooked on Bingo

I have to admit I thought it was inevitable. It's not like she ever needed the money and frankly, running a business, any business, can be a little boring at times.

I mean, ecurrency arbitrage isn't like becoming a race car driver, fashion model, or winning American Idol... it's a business. And like any real business, it takes some time and it takes some effort.

I was pretty shocked when Mom started doing the business anyhow. I really think she did it just to give me the old "I told you so ...ecurrency arbitrage scam ...ha, Mom's right".

But it never turned out that way. She started making money instead and I think she was thrilled to be able to do it but almost disappointed because she couldn't tell me to go get a new job - LOL.

So Mom's back to Bingo, much more exciting than a business, you never jump up from your desk and yell "ecurrency arbitrage" ...well, I guess you could since you're at home and nobody would see ... but it still seems like it would be a little weird to me.




  1. Well sorry to hear the your mom quit the business but hey, as long as shes happy right? I have a question for you. I am currently undecided about whether or not I want to try out ecurrency arbitrage or not. Does it require a large amount of capital to make decent profit from this business? Honestly... Your advise would be greatly appreciated. Thanks...

  2. Hi Amy,
    I've been following your blog and I am curious if you have reached a point where you can maintain the same lifestyle you had while working full-time for another company. I notice you don't really answer questions regarding exactly how much money you are making - and I totally understand - I would be hesistant to do that as well. Especially since you can't just sit back and do nothing while making money.
    Thanks and I'll keep reading. :)

  3. Hi Gary

    No does NOT require a large amount of capital or any at all actually. The entire Level 1 portion of the course is how to do this 100% for free so all it takes is some time and some effort on your part.

    You can then go to Level 2 and put the business on auto-pilot by using your cash or you can earn some money in Level 1 1st and then use those profits to go on auto-pilot.

    Regardless of your choice, or financial situation, everyone is advised to start on Level 1 and NOT use any money to make money with ecurrency arbitrage.

  4. Hi Anonymous

    You have a couple of questions here so let me answer them one at a time.

    1. Lifestyle - Financially I make less per hour but after taxes etc, I think I'm money ahead. It sure "feels" that way anyhow as I seem to have more money building up. I really will not know until the end of the year.

    But I think my "lifestyle" is 200% better ...even if I make less money this year, I really don't care. My overall lifestyle is so much better that I never want to go back to corporate America.

    2. Income Level - I've given broad indications of how much I earn but I don't and won't tell you exact numbers. Just as I never ask anyone else how much they make at their corporate job.

    A. It's not polite to ask.
    B. What they earn will have no effect on what I earn.

    I think that nobody that uses ecurrency arbitrage as their business will earn exactly what I earn, or work it the same number of hours, or with the exact same effort, etc so it's pretty much a moot point.

  5. Amy, not polite to ask? Isn't that what this blog was about? We don't care "that nobody that uses ecurrency arbitrage as their business will earn exactly what I earn, or work it the same number of hours, or with the exact same effort, etc", what we care about is how YOU are doing, this is your blog to let us know how YOU are doing on your adventure! If ecurrency arbitrage has told you that you can not divulge this, let us know! Is it the IRS? Is it your are not doing so well and you don't want to say, we need to know that too! The highs the low's, we are following you and its a VERY important part of this new adventure!

    We all want to know the true earning potential, and just knowing what you make, at least gives us a clue if this program works. You say it's ramping up, can't you give us a clue what you are making from this program, like how much in a week (good/bad) or in a month (good/bad)?

    You started this blog out so good, giving us the amounts you were making, then something happened and its not polite now, you won't give us a hint as to how the heck you are doing! What about all you others who have said your received the program, are any of you making any money at all yet?

    I do hope you continue to tell us about the program "meat" and how your are doing at it, Cause we don't know! Thank you for giving us the information that you have Amy. Good Luck!!

  6. Hi Sue

    I have given you some pretty good numbers already and yes, that should be enough. I think there's a line that I choose not to cross. Just as I do not give out my personal home address.

    But here's the other thing.

    Once I place the focus on the dollars, instead of the process, my blog degrades to nothing more than a "hype" machine.

    People keep telling me to "monetize" my blog ... but again, once I do that, what do I really have?

    We may not agree on these points but this is the way I feel.