Friday, August 28, 2009

eCurrency Arbitrage Business Analogy

Explaining exactly what ecurrency arbitrage is a bit of challenge.

I still get the question; "is ecurrency arbitrage a scam"? That one is pretty obvious. My answer: no, ecurrency arbitrage is not a scam.

It's harder to explain what ecurrency arbitrage is and how it works but I was at the grocery store when it all came to me in a flash of fast food brilliance.

I was chewing on a piece of "free sample" pizza when it struck me. eCurrency Arbitrage is just like the guy handing out free pizza.

Honest ... let me explain.

When the free sample man is handing out free pizza, he's actually getting paid simply for giving things away. So he's happy.

And the customer receiving the free pizza slice is happy because they just got the free pizza.

Even the pizza company is happy because some of those people getting the free pizza are going to love the taste of the pizza and buy a few that day and probably be a pizza customer for a very long time (I didn't like it though ...too dry for me).

And this is the way it is with ecurrency arbitrage.

I mean, you're not standing in a grocery store, and you're not handing out pizza slices but the concepts are still the same.

Now you can easily see that the guy handing out free samples has a much easier time getting people to accept the pizza slice than if he were standing in the same spot trying to sell the pizzas.
Because it's always harder to sell something ...both in the store and on the internet.

With ecurrency arbitrage, you're also not selling anything ... so this burden is gone. The arbitrage companies you deal with are happy to pay you because they eventually are making money from your efforts.

So in all, everyone comes out ahead and everyone is happy when that happens. This is why ecurrency arbitrage is so much easier than trying to hawk products to people and compete with all the others doing the same thing.

There's more to explain of course, this is simply an analogy. Maybe I need to go for ice-cream ...maybe that'll inspire more clarity ...hmmm, seems like it's worth a try.




  1. I like your analogy. Thank you for doing this blog I find it inspiring.
    Where are you at now as far as income? Is it being to ramp up?

  2. Hi Lars

    It was ramping nicely, then it flattened out when the summer hit (seasonal in nature) so I doubled down on my effort and "copy and pasted" away for a number of days and then it started creeping up again. But now that school has started, it appears that I'm back on the rise (can't wait to see what happens in the winter).

  3. I have spent close to 30 years in the Capital Markets, I respect your disillusionment with corporate America; I highly admire your zest for entrepreneurship, but I suggest you revisit your business plan, and re-study your competition and the barriers to entry into this market, before you spend a single dime on an online software. I wish you the best.