Tuesday, March 3, 2009

eCurrency Arbitrage - Scam or Real?

Ecurrency Arbitrage ...I've been looking at this program for about 2-weeks but never took any action before. Frankly, I think I could smell the coffee and knew my company was in trouble but really did not want to believe it.

I really loved my job and the people I worked with (well, most of them anyhow).

But all of a sudden the managers were spending far more time all meeting together. Day after day they would all disappear to a conference room or an "off site meeting" but nothing was ever discussed afterwards. The smiles were on their faces but looking back I can see they were wearing a mask.

Not that my manager was a bad guy, I learned a lot from him and he's out of work the same as I am. I don't blame him, it's just the way it is. Let's face it, the economy sucks and there's a lot of people just like me and just like my manager, and his manager, and her manager ....all out of work.

>> Last Friday was my last day of work <<

And the thought of interviewing for a new job is really depressing.

So I came back to the website at ecurrency arbitrage and decided I was going to take my life into my own hands and take the plunge.

Was it tough for me to invest $297 when I'm out of work?

Yes ...I'm a little scared but at the same time I feel good, like a giant weight has been lifted off my shoulders because I feel like I have a sense of direction again. I haven't even received the video course yet but I can't help but think I'm finally doing what I want to be doing instead of what I "should" be doing.

Will ecurrency arbitrage be the answer ...I don't know yet ...but I'm optimistic and ready to start.

Join me on this new adventure. Follow along with me and also let me know what you're doing or thinking about doing. If you've tried ecurrency arbitrage then leave a comment and tell me how it worked for you.



  1. Hello Amy,

    I've been looking at the eCurrency venue for a little while now. I've been hearing mixed reviews on the system. However, I will stay close to your blog to see how you are doing with it.

    As a single dad, I am looking for a Home Based business that will afford me the financial and time freedom to provide for my children and spend quality time with them.

    Good luck and have a fantastic day!

  2. I have looked over your blog and I love your enthusiasm. Focus, enthusiasm, continuing education, creativity, organization, innovation, passion, thinking big, seem to be the ingredients. Warren Buffet made a good proportion of his fortune with arbitrage. Be careful. I've subscribed to your feed and look forward to hearing about your progress.

    "Nothing wins more than superior preparation". So, "autograph your life with excellence".

    William Bret - CEO
    Wealth Is Now

  3. The following may not be original but my attitude and I would guess anyone else's is