Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Here's How I Earned $2

I'm not really sure how specific I can get with the exact details of the eCurrency Arbitrage program since it is a private membership ...just like I could not re-print the exact contents of a book. But I'll give you as many details as possible and in the end I think you'll get the picture anyhow.

The first thing you need to know is that the program is broken down into 4 levels. This seems to be a logical approach since a beginner is obviously going to have different needs than a seasoned veteran.

I consider myself a novice at all this since I've never had any type of onlin e business before in my life.

So I started in Level 1 for a couple reasons:

  1. Everything is FREE it's literally impossible to lose a penny since you never pull a penny out of your pocket.

  2. The techniques learned in Level 1 are skills that I will use all the way through Level 4 so it's not like I'm wasting my time and effort.

  3. Level 1 sets me up with all the ground work for moving up to Level 2 where I put things on auto-pilot.

So what's the down side?

Well, it's all time and effort in Level 1. I make money and risk nothing but I do need to basically sell my time ... kind of like a job I guess.

But that's OK, I look at it as 'on the job training' where I get paid to learn - earn to learn and learn to earn.

So what I did was simply follow each step in the first module of Level 1. Watch a step and do a step ...that's all I do. Anyhow, I was as shocked as anyone when it actually worked. When that email popped into my inbox telling me I just landed $2 ...

...well, I covered that already so read my last post.

I'm planning on sticking with Level 1 for a bit and continue to learn the ropes of eCurrency Arbitrage.



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