Friday, April 17, 2009

Paul Jenkins Arbitrage Scam???

"Is Paul Jenkins Arbitrage a Scam" ...the first time I received that email I was a bit surprised and actually a little scared.

I had just started with Paul Jenkins and the ecurrency arbitrage system and that email made my ears perk up (like when my Golden Retriever does his "tough guy" impression every time the UPS driver drops a package on my porch -mostly from Zappos -LOL)

Anyhow, I searched around online looking for dirt on Paul Jenkins or Arbitrage Scams for a few days but then I figured I would do something a little smarter ... I called their office. And much to my surprise, I got through on the 2nd ring and spoke with a real person.

Now I was feeling much better!

The 2nd thing I did was to get on the live training call. It was far too soon for me to ask an intelligent question but I wanted to see if Paul Jenkins would show up or if he would send one of his support guys.

And then I got my 2nd surprise because Paul did show up personally and answered every question thrown at him. Some of these questions were so obvious that even I already knew the answers but Paul did not seem to mind. He even ran over the normal 2 hour time limit because people kept asking questions and he kept going until everyone was done ...very cool I thought.

But here's the thing ... I still get the question - over and over again.

So let me answer this for you, "Is Paul Jenkins Arbitrage a Scam"? Answer: No.



P.S. Like Paul says all the time, "it's not a lottery ticket either's a business".


  1. Amy

    Zappos huh? Sounds like you're a "shoe-a-holic" like me :-).

  2. so how is that business doing now (a year since your article)?