Thursday, July 9, 2009

Rex, Mack, ecurrency arbitrage and Me - True Story

People always ask me how I've been able to make money online with ecurrency arbitrage.

So here's a true & funny story that pretty much sums up exactly what I've done and the 1 simple thing that you need to do as well.

But to tell this story, I need to introduce you to my best buddies Rex and Mack.

Mack is a the blonde and as the stereo typical 'blonde'... he's very sweet, but a little less than a Rhode Scholar ...if ya know what I mean.

Rex on the other hand was very appropriately named since he 'wrecks' my apartment (chews walls and woodwork), 'wrecks' the yard (digs holes) and 'wrecks' my car (too gross to explain).

The thing about Rex is that he's persistent, which gets him into trouble, but also gets him what he wants.

You see, I don't let the dogs upstairs as they wrestle around at night and wake me up. Mack simply accepts this when I shut the door on them but not Rex.

Rex would sit at the top of the stairs and use his paw to pull down on the door knob lever. But this was filled with peril as he would fall down the stairs after each attempt.

I would hear him flick the door handle, then I would hear 'thump, wump, thump, bump, thump, as he tumbled down the stairs. Without hesitation, Rex would run right back up the stairs and flick the door handle again ...and then fall down the stairs, over and over this would go on.

Up until yesterday that is.

Yesterday I woke up and the dogs were both sleeping on the side of my bed. My first thought was that my roommate let the dogs in but when I asked her if she did this she let me in on Rex's secret.

It turns out that he mastered the door handle and now let's himself into the bathroom to get access to his 'private, flushable water bowl' any time he needs to. And he now works the door to the upstairs ...this is simply amazing to me!

But Rex is only doing the same thing I do to make money with ecurrency arbitrage ...he just keeps at it until he gets it right. Rex didn't give up the 1st time he tumbled down the stairs just as I didn't give up the 1st time I ran into a tough spot.

Rex just kept going at it and so did I ...Rex drinks 'fresh' water when he wants and sleeps where he pleases and I work when I want and where I want.

So what's the real secret to Paul Jenkins ecurrency arbitrage? Just keep at it ...real simple, just keep at it and never quit!




  1. Hey Amy! Just have a couple quick questions about this program:

    1. Is this something that can be done part time around my full time job?

    2. Does this have to be done during a certain time of day or can it be done anytime 24/7?

    Thanks for any answers you can give me and here's to your continued success!

  2. Hell amy I just have a quick question, you mentioned being at the 100 a day mark is that everyday that you "work" on the system or is that just a good day? and if it's only on a good day how often do you have those days? I'm glad I found your blog I've been looking for something like this for the past 3 years since I first found out I was pregnant with my daughter. Now I'm due for my lilboy in about a week and am not looking forward to having to go back to work. Being a single parent though I know this may not be possible but a program like this will at least allow me to only work part time instead of over time with out have to be on well fare.
    Candy the single mother of soon to be 2

  3. Hi Amy,

    I thank you so much for keeping us informed with this detailed and at times funny diary. I am glad to see that you have done well with this program as I am awaiting delivery of my kit and was starting to get a little apprehensive because of so much negative comments posted here and there on the web. I so want this program to work and am therefore happy to hear that it is possible if you put some elbow grease! Thank you, thank you, thank you for making my day:-)

    PS: You never did mention how your Mom is doing with the program. Did she continue? My son wants to help me with this program and I was glad to hear that we wouldn't be in competition. Who knows, if it is as simple as you say, maybe my husband will join in the fun! Keep us posted, I would love to have an update!

    I wish you tons of success,

  4. Hi Amy,
    I stumbled upon your blog on my search for info about e currency arbitrage. I should have clicked away but I was somehow fascinated to know that beautiful ladies like you are interested in entrepreneurship. I have read your posts about the topic and I like what I read. Could you provide additional info on how this works? I really would like to be sure how this works from those who have tried it. I look forward to hear from you soon. I am planning to join this other site. Are you already a member? I think it is more exciting which I see it's what you want. Check it out on my link

  5. Hi Steve

    You can do ecurrency arbitrage full time or part time. I would suggest starting part time and ease into full time ...less risk, less stress to get instant reults.

    It operates 24/7 so it makes no difference when you do it or where in the world you live.

  6. $100 / day is not a "good day" ...more of an average. There are high days and low days for sure though.

  7. Hi Epenta

    Thanks for asking about my Mom!

    She's doing good, but good by her standards. A couple hundred dollars a month is all she's trying to earn.

  8. Wow Amy

    I don't know who is more gorgeous;
    You or Rex & Mack. Beautiful and
    sweet looking animals. Nice.

    I was reading Paul Jenkins comments on a thread
    on the Warrior Forum re eCurrency Arbitrage,
    and was surprised to learn that he's used that as an umbrella term and he teaches the gamut, starting with free trial offers at Project Payday, to forum marketing, affiliate marketing, etc., etc.

    My question is, does he really have a section on "eCurrency" that, best I can ascertain, deals with buying and selling traffic, and possibly backing up money transactions on a daily basis on the internet.

    If so, is that what you are making your money with?

    I find his claim of working a half hour a day
    far fetched, though. I know they made similar claims a Project Payday and nothing could be further from the truth. I wish people wouldn't exaggerate. You know?