Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Simple Answer to my e-currency arbitrage problem

Hey Folks

I just wanted to let you know that my problem with "being stuck" now makes perfect sense.

I just got off the Wednesday training call with Paul Jenkins and he explained that the internet is "seasonal"... go figure. I actually never thought about it before but it's so obvious I felt a little goofy asking the question (fortunately there were a few others on the call that all chimed in that they had the same issue too).

But when you think about it, I guess it makes perfect sense. When the weather is really cold in the winter (in Phoenix we think it's "freezing" any time it hits 60), people are inside, bored, on their computers and a lot more transactions are taking place ...people are doing things.

But in the summer, people get out of the house and there's less internet traffic so fewer transactions - including ecurrency arbitrage transactions.

So I discovered that I really haven't "hit the wall" by keeping even during a seasonal slowdown, I've actually "improved".

Kind of hard to look at it that way but Paul said it was obvious. And even better, when the cold weather blows in and people spend more time inside, he thinks my numbers will shoot up on their own for no other reason than there are more transactions taking place. Just as my numbers leveled off when the slow season hit.

Of course, I'll be trying to push my business to improve right now so it really explodes come fall.




  1. hiya just got my package through today! looks promising!!! just a thought on the seasonal aspect of things- why not follow winter via northern/southern hemispheres!! targeting winter all year round! just a thought ;)

  2. Will E-Currency Arbitrage work even if you have no clue what niche markets to target? Is this just another course on affiliate marketing?

  3. Amy I found your blog today after several days of researching Paul J eCurreny Arbitrage system. Your blog breaks the program down better than any I have seen. Since I understand the system well enough to give it a try all I need is a link. Do you have an affiliate link so I can give you the commission. My email
    Don Vardaman

  4. I wanted to say thanx for starting this blog. I have been thinking of starting this program or a few weeks now and it is good to find someone who is really making a go of it, and having positive results.

    I did have a question. You mentioned that now you are doing this pretty much full time. I was curious, if you spend as much time as possible on it in the beginning, the free stage, will you make money faster? Or is there only so much you can do in the beginning?

    Thanx again!

    Keep up the good blogging!

  5. Hi Amy,

    I'm pretty much in the same boat you started off in. The company that I've worked for for the last 5 years will be closing down in July and the job outlooks here in MI are terrible. So I'm currently looking for new options.

    I came across eCurrency Arbitrage the other day and started looking into it. I've seen some mixed reviews and some calling it a flat out scam, but I'm not too worried about that. My question is, is this simply teaching you how to get into affiliate marketing? If it is I've tried that in the past and haven't found it something I enjoy. I'm sure you can't go into details, but is it more than affiliate marketing? A simple yes or no would be great.

    Congrats on your success with the program Amy!



  6. Wow, Amy... I gotta say thank you so much for detailing your journey with e-Currency Arbitrage!! You have just made my day!! I thought I have been following the videos and completing them step by step... I've been listening to recorded calls from the members only site... and I moved up to Level 2.
    You've made money and that's encouraging to me!!! I guess I should get on the phone with the members' help office and see what I'm doing wrong.
    I LOVE this concept and I understand how and why it works!
    I figure - I'm an intelligent guy... music teacher... masters degree... pastor... counselor... composer/arranger... so I ought to be able to 'break in' at some point. But I haven't yet. Now this'll kill you... I bought the program January 6th of this year (2009) and have been watching and trying and re-watching and changing and trying and listening and changing and trying... and still nothing!!
    But I'm not giving up because I can SEE how this works!! I can see WHY this works!! I just can't break into the 'earnings' yet!!
    You talked about your 'wall'... well my 'wall' is just simply getting some earnings, period!! Let alone $100/day... Let WAY alone $1,000/day!!! Man!!! I'd LOVE to be there!!!
    The guy that really convinced me to buy the program is the owner of (David Harris) and he makes over $20,000 A MONTH using these same techniques!! And that's just ONE side of his business!!
    So... it's out there... I just have to find it... I'm gonna call them today and see what suggestions they have.
    Thank you again so very, very much!!
    You have put new life into my efforts!! :-)
    ~Todd Chadwick

  7. Hi Justin

    NMo .. it's not simply affiliate marketing as affiliate marketing depends on sales to make money while this business depends upon "transactions" which is a whole lot easier to profit from.

  8. Hi Todd

    Glad to hear you're sticking with it. I can tell you that you will succeed if ytou follow the steps and systems provided to you. It's a very reliable process if you follow it step-by-step.

    I would suggest that you NOT stray from the course... just follow the exact steps provided.

  9. Amy;
    I have spent countless hours on the net looking for an on line business to start. I currently work in the public safety industry where I have been injured several times resulting in a 38% disability.
    I am looking for a reliable business to get going so i can retire without the worry of no income.
    I must say that your blog has been very informative and inspiring to say the least. I hope to get going with the eCurrency Arbitrage program in the next few day's to a week. As with Don in the above blog, I would be honored if you have an affiliate site to sign up through you. Your interest in others success speaks very highly of your professionalism and willingness to help other see a return on their profit.

    Thanks Again and hope to hear from you soon.