Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Called My "Personal Advisor" Today

Am I ready to move up to a high 5 or 6 figure income?

Right now, I'm just not sure so I decided to call my personal advisor and see what they could do to help me out.

The thing is, they were willing to spend 1 on 1 time with me upfront but to continue on with this higher level personalized training, I would need to make additional investments into my training.

I have to say that I'm tempted but I feel like I just got started and there's already so much in this program that I think I should hold off for a month or two.

I'm obviously a big believer in higher education since I invested a great deal of money in my college education (ok ...my parents really made the investment, I just worked hard for good grades to make it worth their while).

But here's my debate - push full force into a serious business and serious income to hit the 6-figure mark with e-currency arbitrage or take my time and boot strap my way up to a 6-figure income.

Since the program really has everything I need to learn this on my own, I think I'll hit the same income mark either way so the real debate is to do it fast or do it slower. The training videos are so easy to follow, I wonder if having a personal coach could possibly be any more help.

I'll need to think about this for a bit and I'll let you know when I decide.

I realize this was a lot of fluff without a lot on the actual program but I promise to give you more "meat" on the money making systems in e-currency arbitrage in my next post. I'll tell you what I know about Level 2.



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