Tuesday, March 24, 2009

WOW ...Was I Ever Stuck!!!

Did you ever stare at your computer screen ...and stare at it ...and stare it it some more ...and still not find that 1 item you need to click?

That's exactly what happened to me last week.

I was "stucker than stuck" and was really starting to feel like a complete idiot. I knew what I wanted to do was probably a common thing that everyone is doing bt I sure couldn't find that link.

And here was a very cool surprise.

I got on the live training call that Paul Jenkins hosts himself! He basically runs a live call for 2 + hours on Wednesday nights and lets every person on the call fire questions off at him.

Some of the questions were really simple (like mine) but a few were really asking some hard core strategic items ...and Paul answered every single question and stayed on the line until the last question was asked.

My question was pretty simple but it was still driving me crazy none the less. Fortunately, Paul Jenkins was able to identify exactly what I was struggling with and told me how to do it over the phone and also identified the exact video I should watch in the e Currency Arbitrage Member's Area.

My take on the whole thing?

Either Paul Jenkins kind of sucks at promoting himself or he's truly trying to help us make some money online.

Here's why I say this; every other business opportunity I ever looked at always bragged about all their "bonuses" they include. But Paul Jenkins doesn't even mention these calls he does for us on the sales page.

Why in the world would he not mention the calls? Seems kind of silly to me, especially from an internet marketer with Paul's level of experience.

Not that I'm complaining, I could still be staring at that computer screen and still be missing that 1 simple link ...I just find it strange that Paul Jenkins offers this amazing benefit but doesn't even mention it on his sales page.

Maybe I need to host a 2 hour Guru training call ...LOL.



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