Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Smells Like Fall ...Smells Like Money

The days are still hot, but the nights and mornings are changing.

That familiar smell of Fall is definitely in the air if you get up early enough to enjoy it. I'm one of those "weird" people that naturally wake up early.

Sitting on my deck with a good cup of Hazelnut coffee with real cream and watching the sun go from being just a slit to a full fire ball is something I can't get enough of.

During my college days, if I wasn't the one going out at night, it wasn't uncommon for me to be waking up and watching the hard core stragglers as they finally made it home (usually walking a little crooked LOL).

If the changing season had nothing to do with ecurrency arbitrage, I would post this on Twitter as just another useless musing (if I actually ever used my Twitter account that is), but there really is a point here. I'm not going to tell you about the ecurrency arbitrage videos, or answer the perpetual question, "is ecurrency arbitrage a scam"?

No, the point here is the same that I made at the start of summer.

If you recall, at the start of summer, I was very frustrated because my business flat-lined. Even though I had progressed and worked more set ups, I was still doing nothing but treading water instead of watching my ecurrency arbitrage business revenue increase.

But ahh... the sweet smell of Fall is double sweet now that I have an internet business. Because the same seasonal factors that caused me to flat-line are now working in reverse.

My ecurrency arbitrage business revenue is now turning up even though I've done little since July to give it a boost. The same seasonal affect is now working in my favor instead of against me.

mmmm more reason to love Fall.




  1. Hi amy, thanks for the helpful advise you gave me. Im pretty set on giving ecurrency arbitrage a try now. Hopefully things will work out for the best. I'm not someone looking for a get rich quick scheme, I honestly don't believe that there is one. Im really just looking for a way to supplement my current income and at the same time fund other investment opportunities. I'm not going to ask you what you make off of the system, but from reading your blog it does seem like my goals can be achieved from using it, would you agree? I'd really love to learn more about ecurrency arbitrage from someone like yourself who has actual experience using it. Hopefully you'll become very successful with it and tell me how you did it. lol!! Thanks again for your help and keep up the good work.

  2. If this is about Google Adwords, then why not just CALL it Make Money with Google Adwords like everyone else instead of cloaking this "method" in strangeness and secresy with the term "ecurrency arbitrage"?

    It is really not about Currency, eCurrency or otherwise, is it? Perhaps you get paid in a kind of eCurrency, but honestly, this is just Google Adword campaigns, yes? Thanks for the clarification for everyone's sake.

  3. Hi Amy:

    I just read your blog and learned from it. I am considering e-currency arbitrage. Recently I retired and am looking for something to do with my time. I am really looking for inflation protection and I think this may be suitable. Thank you for your thoughts.

  4. Hi Anonymous ... No, this is not "Make Money With Google", there are a lot more ways to make money than simply "googling" your way to profits. If you want the sme product that everyone else is selling, do not get involved with ecurrency arbitrage. Scam or otherwise, Google by itself is probably a tough way to turn a profit

  5. Hi Gary

    Yes, those get rich quick things are almost always a scam, ecurrency arbitrage is definitely one of those gimmick deals. Will you be in control - yes, will you have to do the work - yes, is it reliable - yes, but it's not a lottery ticket.

  6. hi amy

    ive benn looking at this ecurrency for a while now wondering if i should do it or not in your oppinion do you make enough profit out of it to be worth doing

  7. Amy,
    I have spent the last few months realizing that I simply cannot be a part of corprate America any longer. My goal is to not be working at my current job in a year from now. I just ordered the program and was scared to death to finally take the leap. Then I read your blog. Thank you for putting my mind at ease about the return on investment. The part that got me was the fact that it was a 30 day risk free trial. How cool! Once again, THANK YOU.
    Keep it up
    God bless

  8. Hi Amy

    Your site is really nice and I like your down to earth attitude, you seem to be an honest person. I have been looking at ecurrency arbitrage for several months and I have sent emails to other sites asking their advice also, as they appear to support this business. I am a little worried though as recently I have read a number of negative reports about it regarding customer service, even though Paul had said on other sites that this issue had been cleared up in January and particularly if you are an international which I am, I'm from NZ, where somethings within the business don't work. I don't know if any of this is true of course, but like so many others out there, I don't want to be scammed and it is often difficult to tell the difference. I'm 61 and would like to retire from the rat race and enjoy my retirement with my grandchildren.