Wednesday, June 17, 2009

In "Copy & Paste" Mode

Hi All

I'm in somewhat of a "boring" mode as all I'm doing right now is your basic "copy and paste". In other words, I'm simply doing the same steps over and over right now.

eCurrency Arbitrage can be a little boring at times because at some point you simply need to do the exact same steps over and over. I find it a bit more thrilling when I'm learning something new every day.

But some days you need to just sit and grind it out because the more "copy & paste" set ups you do, the more money you earn with Paul Jenkins arbitrage videos. Boring ...yes, simple and mindless ...yes, necessary ...yes, profitable ...yes.

So the bottom line is this, ecurrency arbitrage can be boring at times. It's not all "wheeling and dealing", sometimes it's just putting on the headphones, cranking up the tunes and just grinding the day away with right click copy - right click paste - right click copy - right click paste ...and on and on and on.

Make sure your iPod is fully stocked and then fire it up.




  1. Quick questions? How much time do u spend a day without anything planned during that day? Are u still making $100 a day or more? Last comment have u taking any risk with your money or at least made it to level 3? Sorry bout the st8 forward questions. Look forward to your blog

  2. Love the Blog. Nice to see someone putting it to use while saving experiences in a chronicle. Wish I was that dedicated to writing about my work experiences, would make some interesting reading as well.

    Ciao for now


  3. Hi Harold

    I decided to make this my full time job. I try to treat it like a full time job and put 40 or so hours a week in.

    Sometimes I work a crazy long day and other days I put in only a short amount of time. Or I leave for a long weekend and go do something fun with friends but then I work like crazy to make up the time.

    It all works out in the end for me.

  4. ...oh, yes level 3 you do accelerate your business quite a bit and at this point there is some limited risk... but:

    A. You're always 100% in control of the risk so you know before taking any action what will happen.

    B. The training from level 1 & 2 prepare you for level 3. You're not diving in head first and hoping the water's deep enough to not hit bottom and crack your noggin wide open.

  5. Are you copy & pasting ad text or lead info? Curious because I just heard of eCurrency Arbitrage and don't fully understand what's involved. Appreciate any info you can share.

  6. Could I please ask SOMEBODY a question or two? Is there any way that I can actually SPEAK with someone who is doing eCurrency that is doing well with it? What is the difference between the various levels? How many levels are there? I saw somebody mention making $100+ per that average? Is that pretty much the limit? I would really like someone to spill their guts! I am tired of putting money into various "opportunities", only to learn the hard way that they were not opportunities at all! You can reach me at:

    thx Glen Carpenter