Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Questions Asked About eCurrency Arbitrage

There might be a way to answer these questions as comments but I really don't know how so I'll copy and paste them into a new post to answer them.

Harold asked:

I really hope u break down this wall and hit your mark. I have been a follower of your blog and wish to dive into this program. 90% is telling me to try it out anyway my question to u is not how much money your making but is worth the risk?

My Answer:

Going to a job each day is also a risk. To most people it's a hidden risk but look what happened to me. I was the victim of bad decisions made by others. They took the risk and I paid the price.

At least the risks I take now are risks I manage and I decide to take. So far the risks have been very small ...actually, no risk at all except for my time. But I am moving up and I am taking some small risks now. As I progress, I'll take some bigger risks but I'll keep them at a level that I'm comfortable with.

Anonymous Asked:

I thank you for your dilligent efforts toward maintaining this blog. I think the burining question on all of our minds is:
  1. How long did you take to break even?
  2. Do you get paid daily?
  3. You said you have achieved 100 odd in profits in a day, how consistant are these day? Once a month? once a week?
I hope you can answer these questions to help the masses understand what the true earning potential of this business is and if it is sustainable.

My Answer:

  1. Break Even - not counting the price of the training, there really is no "break even" as you start out not using any money so any money you make is 100% profit. It's just a matter of how much value you place on your time. But what business can you start and make $100 / hr on day 1? I think I was working for 3 cents an hour at first ...LOL.
  2. You make money daily but you get your check weekly. It's like a paycheck in a way, you do what you want with it. Spend it or invest it.
  3. It's an average for me. But they are pretty consistent. I do notice that the weather now affects things. Good weather gets people outside and away from their computers (lower earnings) while bad weather gets them back in the house and behind the computer (higher earnings)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I Might Have "Hit The Wall"

eCurrency Arbitrage seemed almost too easy to be true. I started making money right away and it only took me a few months to bust through the $100 / day barrier.

So all I need to do is crank it up, add a few more techniques from a few of the Paul Jenkins arbitrage videos and watch it roll right up to $1,000 per day. Simple I thought. But frankly, something is really wrong. It's not working at all and I'm stuck at the $100 mark.

Maybe I was a little arrogant but I'm not feeling too smart right now. My goal was to keep posting about my miraculous climb up the income ladder but right now I can't get to the next rung.

What to do ...what to do ... what to do?

Honestly, I don't know right now. I'll keep plugging away at this to see if I can find the solution.



Sunday, May 17, 2009

eCurrency Arbitrage is not Forex

I'm not sure why people always confuse ecurrency arbitrage with Forex but I get this question all the time. In order to avoid answering this question over and over, let me be very clear and say:

Forex is not ecurrency arbitrage .... Paul Jenkin's ecurrency arbitrage is not Forex.

If you're not familiar with Forex , Forex is basically foreign currency trading. In other words, you take investment positions in different currencies in the hopes that they increase or decrease in value.

Frankly, I think Forex is more like gambling than investing because you only make money when someone else loses money. This makes Forex a 'zero sum game' in which no real value is "created", it's just a matter of moving money from one person to another.

In contrast, Paul Jenkin's ecurrency arbitrage techniques do not require someone to lose money for you to make money. If it did, I wouldn't be telling you about it now would I?

The reality is that you can make money right alongside me and it makes no difference in my ability to keep making money. That's one of the great things about this business ...we are not 'competing' with each other to succeed. Again, if we were, I would not be telling you about this.

OK ...I think I beat this horse to death ...if you're looking for Forex, then skip Paul Jenkins ecurrency arbitrage system as it's not what you're looking for. But if you want a business with a reliable income, then go with ecurrency arbitrage.



P.S. Because so many people lose money with Forex, it gets a bad reputation as a scam. ecurrency arbitrage on the other hand is reliable. I'll tell you that Forex is not a scam but it sure is tough ...and I like 'easy'.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

My 1st $100 Day with ecurrency Arbitrage

I finally hit the eCurrency Arbitrage milestone I was shooting for ...I hit the $100 mark!

Actually it was $101.50 to be exact.

But the funny thing is that the first dollar I earned with eCurrency Arbitrage was actually more exciting than the first $100. I think it was because I actually 'expected' to make it to $100 a day and it almost became a foregone conclusion.

Kind of like peeking at your Christmas presents before Christmas will totally wreck the excitement of opening your gifts. They're still the same gifts as if you hadn't peeked before hanf but already knowing what they are just sucks the excitement right out of that magical morning.

On the other hand, when I first started ecurrency arbitrage, I had to wonder if it was for real. Was ecurrency arbitrage a scam or was it legit. Would I really find value in the ecurrency arbitrage videos or would it all be a load of BS?

So when I earned that first couple of dollars, it was like opening a really cool present on Christmas morning. Getting something I was not really expecting to get yet there it was.

So yes ...I hit my milestone but now but I don't really feel like celebrating ...I feel like setting a new milestone with a much bigger number.



Monday, May 4, 2009

Is Mom Crazy?

First she laughed ... then she cried ...then she was down right p**ssed off. Thought I was wasting my college education and just sitting around like a bum because I was just too lazy to look for a job.

So who would have ever guess that now she's doing eCurrency Arbitrage right along with me?

I have to admit that I never would have believed that my mother would ever get online and start her own business. But when she saw what I was doing, at first it just seemed too simple, and she wrote off the possibility that it actually worked.

But I explained that "simple" was the entire point.

Why look for something hard and complicated when simple and straight forward is so much smarter. I guess she's still part of the "old generation" that was brought up under the "old school" way of thinking that the only way to get ahead was to "work hard and sacrifice".

I tried that .. and look where it got me. I stayed at work when my friends were going out partying. I worked weekends to impress my boss & his boss too, but in the end, we all met the same fate.

Now I'm not saying that I'll never work hard again. I don't mind hard work, I just don't think that working hard alone will ever allow me to reach my goals.

And what's the point of working hard and earning a lot of money if all you're going to do is watch life pass you by?

Anyhow ...back to Mom.

I knew something was up when Mom started asking me a lot of "little detail" questions about eCurrency Arbitrage. When she started watching the eCurrency Arbitrage videos it sure looked like she was getting hooked. And when Mom told me, "this looks easy, I bet I could do this too", I knew I just created a convert to the online business world.

Mom is definitely not the most computer literate person out there. She's still using AOL for email and every time she tells me about a website, she still spells out "w" - "w" - "w" as though I don't know to put that in a web address yet. Kind of how she still tells me that a "1" is needed in front of "800" before I dial the toll free number.

It'll be interesting to see if she can make a few bucks online. I've restricted her to the free techniques but I can tell she wants to move up right away and put it on auto-pilot. Maybe later Mom, but first let's see if you can get past the point where you keep asking me "where did I save that ______ file"?

Ciao ...wish Mom luck!