Thursday, May 14, 2009

My 1st $100 Day with ecurrency Arbitrage

I finally hit the eCurrency Arbitrage milestone I was shooting for ...I hit the $100 mark!

Actually it was $101.50 to be exact.

But the funny thing is that the first dollar I earned with eCurrency Arbitrage was actually more exciting than the first $100. I think it was because I actually 'expected' to make it to $100 a day and it almost became a foregone conclusion.

Kind of like peeking at your Christmas presents before Christmas will totally wreck the excitement of opening your gifts. They're still the same gifts as if you hadn't peeked before hanf but already knowing what they are just sucks the excitement right out of that magical morning.

On the other hand, when I first started ecurrency arbitrage, I had to wonder if it was for real. Was ecurrency arbitrage a scam or was it legit. Would I really find value in the ecurrency arbitrage videos or would it all be a load of BS?

So when I earned that first couple of dollars, it was like opening a really cool present on Christmas morning. Getting something I was not really expecting to get yet there it was.

So yes ...I hit my milestone but now but I don't really feel like celebrating ...I feel like setting a new milestone with a much bigger number.



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