Friday, June 26, 2009

Why "Copy & Paste" the Day Away?

Not to shatter any star struck dreamers out there, but ecurrency arbitrage takes effort. Like I've said before, it's not a lottery ticket, or a magic bullet, it's a business and like any business you need to put in a little elbow grease to make it work.

What business takes no work?

Anything that takes no effort, will likely provide no rewards ...or it's nothing but a flat out scam. Ecurrency arbitrage does take effort and it does pay back based upon what you put into it. No more, no less ...put in an honest days work, get back an honest days pay (only better ...I'll explain).

So the reason I sit and copy and paste is simple. The more I copy and paste, the more money I make.

For example, if I set up a transaction that pays me $2 or $5 a day... that sounds like just a small amount of cash, but if I copy and paste this transaction, then I can make $4 or $10.

Now, if I copy and paste 5 times, I make 5 times the return as if i only had 1 transaction set up. Of course, it's not truly a 1 to 1 ratio but the principle is exactly the same.

So if I spend my day copying and pasting, I can then "spend" that cash doing what I choose.

And right now I choose to go shopping. I'm not sure for what but it's ungodly hot outside and the mall is cooler than my apartment.



Wednesday, June 17, 2009

In "Copy & Paste" Mode

Hi All

I'm in somewhat of a "boring" mode as all I'm doing right now is your basic "copy and paste". In other words, I'm simply doing the same steps over and over right now.

eCurrency Arbitrage can be a little boring at times because at some point you simply need to do the exact same steps over and over. I find it a bit more thrilling when I'm learning something new every day.

But some days you need to just sit and grind it out because the more "copy & paste" set ups you do, the more money you earn with Paul Jenkins arbitrage videos. Boring ...yes, simple and mindless ...yes, necessary ...yes, profitable ...yes.

So the bottom line is this, ecurrency arbitrage can be boring at times. It's not all "wheeling and dealing", sometimes it's just putting on the headphones, cranking up the tunes and just grinding the day away with right click copy - right click paste - right click copy - right click paste ...and on and on and on.

Make sure your iPod is fully stocked and then fire it up.



Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Simple Answer to my e-currency arbitrage problem

Hey Folks

I just wanted to let you know that my problem with "being stuck" now makes perfect sense.

I just got off the Wednesday training call with Paul Jenkins and he explained that the internet is "seasonal"... go figure. I actually never thought about it before but it's so obvious I felt a little goofy asking the question (fortunately there were a few others on the call that all chimed in that they had the same issue too).

But when you think about it, I guess it makes perfect sense. When the weather is really cold in the winter (in Phoenix we think it's "freezing" any time it hits 60), people are inside, bored, on their computers and a lot more transactions are taking place ...people are doing things.

But in the summer, people get out of the house and there's less internet traffic so fewer transactions - including ecurrency arbitrage transactions.

So I discovered that I really haven't "hit the wall" by keeping even during a seasonal slowdown, I've actually "improved".

Kind of hard to look at it that way but Paul said it was obvious. And even better, when the cold weather blows in and people spend more time inside, he thinks my numbers will shoot up on their own for no other reason than there are more transactions taking place. Just as my numbers leveled off when the slow season hit.

Of course, I'll be trying to push my business to improve right now so it really explodes come fall.



Tuesday, June 2, 2009

eCurrency Arbitrage Scam Report?!?

I answered a few questions in my last post but there are a few things I have not addressed before that I'll quickly take care of today. You see, I don't post all the comments for several reasons:
  • Profane Language - I don't use it so I won't allow it on my blog. I cannot edit the comments so even if you make a great point, if you swear in the post, I have to delete it.

  • Off Topic - It seems that some people are looking for any avenue to spread their comments on all types of topics. If you have a great way to make money, then please post but keep the politics and religion, etc. to a different blog.

  • Not Factual or Close To Factual - This is probably the #1 issue.

The last one is the one I get the most posts on and almost always for the same 3 reasons. So let me address the most common items so I can hopefully stop getting these same questions.

  1. Is ecurrency arbitrage a scam? - Why anyone asks me this is beyond me. If you were to simply read the posts that I already have available, you would know exactly what I think. Is eCurrency Arbitrage a scam ....NO. Is ecurrency arbitrage a lottery ticket ...NO, you will need to participate to earn money. eCurrency Arbitrage is not a fad, a lottery ticket, a get rich quick scheme, etc. eCurrency arbitrage works, but you need to 'work it'.

  2. Their Phone Number is Disconnected - This one always amazes me. I think someone posted this somewhere and now everyone believes it ...I don't really know. But instead of posting on my blog, just go try the number yourself! The ecurrency arbitrage phone number is listed right on their sales page - CALL IT yourself and see if it works (it does).

    Frankly, if you're too lazy or not smart enough to dial the number, you should stick to watching Seinfeld reruns and not try running a real business like ecurrency arbitrage or any other business.

  3. There's No Support - Well, let me see. I've used their ticket system and always received my answers in 1 day or less. I've called their private support line (Members only number) and spoken with tech support people & I jump on the Wednesday calls and listen in or speak to Paul Jenkins directly.

    To have this much support without paying a monthly fee is pretty impressive in my book!

So please folks ... stick to the topic and stop burning my time by passing rumors on to me. These facts are all easily checked on your own so take just 5 minutes out of your busy day and check them for yourself. I know this might sound a bit harsh but lets focus on the mission .. making money, having your own business, questions about how things actually work, etc



P.S. If you think I sound a little crabby in this post should have read it before I cleaned it up. I wrote the original after the neighbors dog was outside barking all night ...LOL.