Monday, August 3, 2009

I'm Guilty - That's What I Get!

I need to eat some crow today...

I got off track and started preaching a little success and a little "spunky" (Gramma's term) I guess.

Right after I laughed at the "leaky tent" boys, I came home and did the same thing they did ...just a little bit different.

You see, my car was coated with sand from the camping trip, and since it was a beautiful day, I decided to put on my swim suit and get a tan while washing the car. That was the "plan" anyhow.

The reality was me sweating like a marathon runner and scraping bug guts off the front of the car with my fingernails.

Not only was it gross scraping bug guts, it also destroyed my thumb nail, and frankly, it hurts. So you can imagine that after about 45 minutes of this "tanning", I started thinking about the 2 guys in the leaky tent, my last blog post, and the fact that I was now a raving hypocrite!

So my new pledge: No more minimum wage work for me.

  • I'll pay to have my car cleaned

  • I'll pay to have my clothes pressed

  • I'll pay for the reserved seats and show up at the start instead of fighting the gate crashers

  • I'll pay for all the work that I hate to do, don't like to do, or work that simply takes me away from what i should be doing --- running my ecurrency arbitrage business.

From today on... I will do as I do and do as I say!



P.S. Can anyone tell me if there's anything harder than sun baked bug guts? I truly doubt it.


  1. Not really! Scientists are still working on it. Bug Goo and barnacle stick-um on hulls of ships that is! And Don't be Too hard on yourself! We all get a little haughty at some time in our lives. I find your blog interesting and encouraging to read. I think I missed the Wednesday call and am sitting here looking over my e Currency manual that I've had for several months now. I need to move on this!............Lee, McGehee AR

  2. I have bought the DVD package, but haven’t received it yet. From my understanding this method was supposed to be "easy"... like doing transactions as a middleman or something like that. I hope its possible to make this work without having to participate in the conference calls all the time since I live in a complete different time zone. I am surprised that several people feel they are “in the dark” regarding how to make this work – even after reading the currency manual and watching the dvds. Maybe the salespage of equrrency arbitrage is a bit “misleading” in a way that ordinary people without very good technical and Internet knowledge could easily succeed in this business? I don’t know. I am looking forward to get going myself with this business and I hope its workable.
    Nice blogg. I wish everybody success!