Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I Might Have "Hit The Wall"

eCurrency Arbitrage seemed almost too easy to be true. I started making money right away and it only took me a few months to bust through the $100 / day barrier.

So all I need to do is crank it up, add a few more techniques from a few of the Paul Jenkins arbitrage videos and watch it roll right up to $1,000 per day. Simple I thought. But frankly, something is really wrong. It's not working at all and I'm stuck at the $100 mark.

Maybe I was a little arrogant but I'm not feeling too smart right now. My goal was to keep posting about my miraculous climb up the income ladder but right now I can't get to the next rung.

What to do ...what to do ... what to do?

Honestly, I don't know right now. I'll keep plugging away at this to see if I can find the solution.




  1. I really hope u break down this wall and hit your mark. I have been a follower of your blog and wish to dive into this program. 90% is telling me to try it out anyway my question to u is not how much money your making but is worth the risk?

  2. I thank you for your dilligent efforts toward maintaining this blog. I think the burining question on all of our minds is

    1) How long did you take to break even?
    2) Do you get paid daily?
    3) You said you have achieved 100 odd in profits in a day, how consistant are these day? Once a month? once a week?

    I hope you can answer these questions to help the masses understand what the true earning potential of this business is and if it is sustainable.

  3. ur making a consistent 100$ a day? that's pretty good.. are u using the paid methods? and is that 100 pure profit?

  4. I am planning on jumping into eCurrency Arbitrage with both feet. I plan on actually using 350-400.00 to start investing with. Is it likely (in your personal experience) to be able to generate $400.00 in actual profit in the first 30 period? I have plenty of time to dedicate to learning the system so getting started (know how wise) shoul be fast for me.