Saturday, June 26, 2010

I've Just Been Busy

Hi All

Yes, it's absolutely true that I have had a noticeable absence in the posting of ecurrency aribtrage but this is something all of you will learn if you get into a business on the Internet.

Online Internet marketing is not a 1 or 2 dimensional business ... it's very multi-dimensional and if you get started with ecurrency arbitrage, review other businesses, or other avenues online, you'll soon discover that there are many paths you can take.

In fact, the big hazard with the Internet is that there are actually too many dimensions to follow and at times it can feel like the "box of cash" that contestants stand in and then try to grab the cash as it swirls around in the air.

Ecurrency Arbitrage has been great to me and I'll be able to make money using the exact techniques, tools and strategies for the rest of my foreseeable life. You need to understand that the program is much more than a simple step 1, step 2, step 3 and ....oops, now it's out dated and will no longer work.

While it I most definitely is a step by step program that guides you by the hand, it's also not a 1 trick pony.

So while I started with eCurency Arbitrage, it was much more than a singular business for me, it was a business and my launching pad into a whole new world.

Now I know people, I partner with people, I do joint ventures with people short, I'm "one of them" ...I'm one of the success stories you read about online.

Of course the question is, could I have made it without ecurrency arbitrage? The answer is a definite YES. But I needed to have something to get me going, something that worked, something got me into the proverbial game or nobody would ever take me seriously.

You cannot do a "joint venture" with a "guru" if you don't have a "venture" ...get it?

So my goal is to get back into sharing my knowledge and experiences with you, but this blog is morphing into more than ecurrency arbitrage exclusively. Maybe I should start a new blog but this one has been my "home" for quite awhile and just feels comfortable to me.

So today I simply need to mention that not all things worked for me and I wasted a lot of money trying a lot of things. Stupidly, I failed to really research all my moves as I ventured out beyond my comfort zone.

The first thing I discovered is that seaching for a product and then adding "review" after the name can be invaluable.

For example, if you go to Google and type in 1shoppingcart review, like I failed to do, you will quickly discover that using 1shoppingcart online software for your business will cost you $34 every time you need to make a support call ....OUCH!

Simple steps to avoiding mistakes - but they're only simple once you know them.

These are the types of topics I'll be covering from here on out.